Movie Trivia – Currently, what is the hottest, most sought after role on Red Skies at Night, bar none? Answer = Joining the music team. #sciencefiction #film #Jpop #drumcorps  

Assignment #12, for my entertainment law class this week… Entertainment Law – Fall 2014 Assignment, Week 12 Professor Lee Rudnicki Reading Assignment Hollywood Deal Making – Chapter 4 – TV Producer/Writers Deal Making (Litwak) – Chapter 7 – Advice for Writers, Directors and Actors Outline Assignment – Hollywood Deal Making, Chapter 4 – TV Producer/Writers Contract […]

I had to chain myself to my computer over the weekend, but we have a good first draft of the script for Red Skies at Night. Composer James Peterson is back in LA today, we started the design of Ave Maria, which will be played by as many brass as we can fit into a […]

I spent the entire weekend on the script for Red Skies at Night, with an intermission on Saturday night of what turned out to be the party of the year, hosted by Lithuanian pals of ours who combined two birthday celebrations into one magical evening for their collective family and friends. When the Final Draft screenwriting software was […]

I haven’t see the evidence nor followed the case details a great deal, so I have no opinion whether or not the police officer who shot Michael Brown was justified – I will leave that determination to those who know more about the case and the evidence than I do. But I do know one […]

We had a fantastic music and cast meeting yesterday for the short film prequel to Goodbye Blue Sky. The feature is set in Haight Ashbury, San Francisco, but Red Skies at Night is set in LA. Same Flower, but a different adventure, and a new character, a little kid named Franklin. The music plan is awesome, the script and […]

This morning, the first music team call for Red Skies at Night, discussing the timeline and plan for composing and recording the drum intro and Ave Maria, the two drum corps-related elements of the musical score. Two other DCI alumni on the call – Shawn Glyde (BD) and James Peterson (SCV). Conclusion 6(f) — to make […]


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