If you walk your dog every day, sooner or later, you will come to understand that this time taken from your day is not a chore, it is a gift. 

The hard thing about a job where you have a fiduciary duty — whether an accountant, doctor, lawyer or whatever — is that you have a sworn ethical obligation to be 100% truthful to your client at all times, even when the client has or does not want to hear a contrary view. Simply put, you […]

US citizens who are peacefully exercising their right to protest are not the enemy. 

2002. A new, different kind of drum corps from California arrives for the World Championships, an entire corps with a bad attitude … DCA fans are stunned and happy. Curious?  Read all about it, in The Renegades.

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When a music producer or manager drops the name “Rihanna” to an artist, which happens a lot, it could be a red flag. Why?  Because, out of every 500 independent producers or managers who constantly name-drop “RIHANNA” to impress musician clients, only three of those guys have actually met her. And only one of them has a real connection to Rihanna, and they […]


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