In preparation for this week’s class, I had the students read and analyze a motion picture screenplay entitled Rescuing the Hamiltons. Truth be told, the assignment was long and intense, but it’s a dynamite script, and it set them up for two hypothetical production meetings. For the “meetings,” I brought in Tom Kiesche, the actor who co-wrote Rescuing the Hamiltons. Which […]

The invites for for the Dinner Club 7 Oktoberfest episode (Sept 27) went out yesterday. The guest list for this episode is filling up at a record pace and this episode will probably sell out much faster than usual. If you are a colleague of mine, and interested in joining us for a chaotic evening […]

Work continues this weekend on Drum Corps Plan 7, the new soon-to-be updated and published version of the drum corps business and marketing plans I drafted for corps like the Renegades, Reading Buccaneers, and New York Skyliners over the years, and also for a few movies and musical artists. This version of the plan will focus on a new, hypothetical […]

Six weeks into my class comes the first mountain, the incredible crisis screenplay assignment. Two of my students last year reported it took more than 10 hours to complete. The highlights of this right of passage include reading a feature length motion picture screenplay, writing a synopsis, and answering many legal and production questions about the movie, everything from SAG budget, casting, production […]


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