The upcoming short film prequel to Goodbye Blue Sky will be entitled ‘Red Skies at Night’       

Watching a Goodbye Blue Sky audition video — a pop star singing Ave Maria, in Italian. This is great. I finally have proof that the music component of the Flower theory not only works, but it just might be [bleep] genius. Rock-n-Roll.

My iPhone 5 survived the first catastrophic event, which began with free fall.  In less than a second, my iPhone made an amazing leap out of my pocket and onto the sidewalk. Based on the appearance of my iPhone when I picked it up, this debacle was more or less the smart phone equivalent of an Olympic high diver jumping out of an […]

The Oktoberfest episode is officially SOLD OUT, via the best response we’ve ever had for an episode of Dinner Club 7 in our eight year history. Woo-hoo!

In preparation for this week’s class, I had the students read and analyze a motion picture screenplay entitled Rescuing the Hamiltons. Truth be told, the assignment was long and intense, but it’s a dynamite script, and it set them up for two hypothetical production meetings. For the “meetings,” I brought in Tom Kiesche, the actor who co-wrote Rescuing the Hamiltons. Which […]

The invites for for the Dinner Club 7 Oktoberfest episode (Sept 27) went out yesterday. The guest list for this episode is filling up at a record pace and this episode will probably sell out much faster than usual. If you are a colleague of mine, and interested in joining us for a chaotic evening […]


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