I haven’t see the evidence nor followed the case details a great deal, so I have no opinion whether or not the police officer who shot Michael Brown was justified – I will leave that determination to those who know more about the case and the evidence than I do. But I do know one […]

We had a fantastic music and cast meeting yesterday for the short film prequel to Goodbye Blue Sky. The feature is set in Haight Ashbury, San Francisco, but Red Skies at Night is set in LA. Same Flower, but a different adventure, and a new character, a little kid named Franklin. The music plan is awesome, the script and […]

This morning, the first music team call for Red Skies at Night, discussing the timeline and plan for composing and recording the drum intro and Ave Maria, the two drum corps-related elements of the musical score. Two other DCI alumni on the call – Shawn Glyde (BD) and James Peterson (SCV). Conclusion 6(f) — to make […]

Producing an independent film and selling anything as a telemarketer involve the exact same skill set – the ability to not give a rat’s ass when somebody says “no.” You keep going.

As television continues to evolve, it seems that some reality TV producers have developed a professional skill set that consists entirely of setting up situations where people get hurt and humiliated on camera. Frankly, I don’t think that’s a skill set, it’s a license to hurt people on television. As a lawyer, I will not represent an entertainer whose act or claim […]

The upcoming short film prequel to Goodbye Blue Sky will be entitled ‘Red Skies at Night’       

Watching a Goodbye Blue Sky audition video — a pop star singing Ave Maria, in Italian. This is great. I finally have proof that the music component of the Flower theory not only works, but it just might be [bleep] genius. Rock-n-Roll.


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