We had a dynamite day of auditions in LA today … inspiring performances from some really [beep] good professional actors, bringing the characters of Red Skies at Night to life in front of our eyes. Bravo!

Hi Everybody, Thank you for attending. As you might know, I’m directing GOODBYE BLUE SKY, a sci-fi movie about a lovable but very dangerous alien named Flower. We just cast Flower with the J-pop star Shizuka, and added drum corps, the Blue Devils and the Renegades brass. You may also know we’re shooting a prequel to this movie in […]

Actor submissions for roles on the Red Skies at Night prequel have become an avalanche. Apparently, we’re watching a lot of audition tapes in the next few days. Cool beans.      

FESTIVUS PARTY – DEC 20 Tickets to the Meeka Pictures FESTIVUS Celebration on December 20 in LA are now available on the Red Skies at Night Indiegogo page. Sponsored by Meeka Pictures and Dinner Club 7, FESTIVUS is a cool and friendly Hollywood holiday dinner party in the spirit of the famous Seinfeld episode AND […]

FLOWER gets shot down near Los Angeles on the eve of a reality television show wedding. The executive producer struggles to handle the stress of production as well as family issues with his recently adopted, hearing-impaired son Dylan, who finds the badly injured alien dying on the beach. The Message The message of Red Skies at […]

Hi everybody. It’s been an exhilarating few weeks for our science fiction film project, Goodbye Blue Sky. It took 2 years to get our movie from A to B. It took 2 weeks to get from B to C. And it just took 2 days to get from C to D, which turned this into an experiment in sleep deprivation. We have a long way to […]

PRESS RELEASE – GOODBYE BLUE SKY A MOST UNIQUE COLLABORATION December 2, 1014 Meeka Pictures is proud to announce a most unique and exciting collaboration on the science fiction film Goodbye Blue Sky, directed by Lee Rudnicki and produced by Kirsten Wagner. Set in San Francisco, Goodbye Blue Sky is the story of an alien […]


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