I had a cool interview this morning with film finance gurus Carole Dean and Clare Pipin.  If you would like to hear me ramble on incessantly about motion pictures, drum corps, Goodbye Blue Sky and the assorted chaotic elements that are involved in the production of any given motion picture – Check it out here.    

Last night in Redondo Beach, we held the pizza-read through of the screenplay for Goodbye Blue Sky. I wanted to bring our production team into the “world” of Goodbye Blue Sky a little bit, so the readers included producers and a casting director. Actor-wise, we had a range of participants from newbie through professional actor whose resume […]

Tonight, I’m reviewing the three drum corps business and marketing plans I drafted once upon a time for the San Francisco Renegades, the Reading Buccaneers (03), and the New York Skyliners. Basically, I’m figuring out how long it will take to consolidate the three business plans into one master plan for a hypothetical future drum corps, […]

Since May, I’ve spent 2-3 hours every day researching and drafting a new super-charged 150-page private placement memorandum template for my law firm. Basically, a private placement memorandum, or PPM, is a document that is given to investors in independent film (among other things). Branded as PPM 7, this soon-to-be-launched  document complies with the securities laws, and has all of the […]

As a result of the chaotic incident and subsequent epiphany of Cannes 2014, I’m unveiling a new component to my entertainment law practice in September.

I’m hyping … Next week, we’re going to hear Goodbye Blue Sky come to life for the first time, at the so-called “Pizza Read Through.”    We’re in the final stages of assembling eleven actors and producers, and a narrator, and the plan is to read through the entire screenplay top to bottom. This is not an […]

Copyright Lee Rudnicki 2004 Principle 1: Network + Indifference. Meet as many people in the entertainment industry as possible, with complete and total disregard and indifference for who they are or what they can do for your career. Yes, you read that correctly. Principle 2: Never Ask. Never ask anyone for anything (unless absolutely necessary). If you […]


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