Lee Rudnicki – Professional Biography

Entertainment attorney Lee Rudnicki serves as the EVP of Business Affairs for the Hollywood animation studio Lex and Otis Studios. Lee also represents select television and film clientele all over the world.  Before law school, Lee was the #3 snare drummer in the world, as ranked by Drum Corps International in 1987. In 1994, Lee […]

Come Raggiungere il tuo piede nella porta di Hollywood il giorno 1.

Ciao, gatti. Ho scritto questo per tutte le persone che si trasferiscono a Los Angeles da tutto il mondo per “farcela” a Hollywood. Ai fini di questo articolo – “Hollywood” non significa solo l’industria cinematografica e televisiva statunitense, ma anche l’industria musicale, in quanto una percentuale significativa delle persone che si spostano a Los Angeles […]

Deep Thought – Covid and the USA

I love the United States. But for a little while, it is great to be in a country (Italy) that does “not” have a large belligerent group of people actively fighting and campaigning against masks and vaccines in the name of their “freedom” and/or misguided Trumpian political beliefs. From a distance, they look even dumber.

Paint Night Gone Rogue – The Battle of the Minions

LA 2016. Rumiko and I go to paint night. Enter some wine, 22 other people. A teacher. Lots of paint. Brushes. A pallet. More wine. Our assignment — to paint a beautiful sunset overlooking the ocean, a hill with a beautiful tree in the foreground. Monterery-esque, perhaps. Ready go. Everybody starts painting the tree. I’m […]

My 12-Year SCV Percussion Director Mission

Me, SCV 1994. This photo represents the unlikely if not miraculous moment that I become the Percussion Director of the Santa Clara Vanguard … after “deciding” (and publicly announcing) to my friends and drum teacher that I was going to have this job someday, which I did in Montreal, DCI 1982, after seeing SCV live […]

Red Alert – The Covid Delta Variant

It’s not my job to convince anyone to get vaccinated against Covid-19. But, if you are not vaccinated and/or still on the fence, I highly recommend that you educate yourself [quickly] about the Delta variant that is sweeping across the United States right now.  Mitigation measures that worked before do not work against the Delta […]

Prediction – The Arizona “Audit”

I hereby predict with 100% certainty that the GOP election “audit” currently underway in Arizona by the Florida-based company Cyber Ninjas will “not” confirm the election results of 2020, in which Biden won Arizona and its 11 electoral college votes. Instead, the Cyber Ninjas will soon announce that Donald the Trump won Arizona – which […]

The First 48 – The Sleeping Defendant Theory

One job that looks amazingly interesting, but I will never have the opportunity to do, is homicide detective. I don’t watch a ton of TV, but I’ve been watching “The First 48” for a few years, off and on. If you haven’t see the show, it’s basically a camera following homicide detectives from the first […]

A discussion with a Trump Supporter.

As my friends and family know, I am a proud American, but I have ‘zero’ interest in politics. I’ve never joined a political party, because some of my views fit both parties (or at least they did). Then came the Trump administration, the politization of Covid, the election fall of 2020, and last but not […]