Law School Story 96

A long time ago, on a strange and magical day, in a USF law school summer far far away in Prague, my friend Rachel P. and I kept running into the former President of Poland, Lech Walesa. Everywhere we went, there was Lech. Which didn’t seem to make a lot of sense, since we were […]

The Betsy DeVos Interview about Reopening Schools

Today, I randomly watched an interview with US Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos. And I drew a few conclusions. First, it is clear that Ms. DeVos has been ordered to stick to the party line – open the schools. Open the schools, open the schools open the schools, open the schools, open the schools. How do […]

Observation July 2020: Covid-19 and Masks

One by one, US federal and state government officials with an anti-mask position are starting to realize what’s happening with the Covid situation, and they are changing course, simply because things are getting worse, very quickly.  Those in denial, those who complain their rights are being violated by mandating masks … are on the wrong […]

The worst thing about 2020.

In my lifetime, the worst thing I’ve ever seen a US President do, is to convince large sections of the American public to perceive wearing a mask during a pandemic as a political statement, and worse, as a sign of weakness. This is unbelievable and stupid. Instead — IF, regardless of his political beliefs — […]

Roma-Hollywood, the film and television mission.

Tomorrow, call #3 of the Roma-Hollywood film venture. We’re planning, and we’re excited about on creating new US/Italy film and television productions. The mission continues. Domani, chiama il numero 3 dell’impresa cinematografica Roma-Hollywood. Stiamo programmando e siamo entusiasti di creare una nuova produzione cinematografica e televisiva USA / Italia. La missione continua

** Quick note – Email subscribers and typos

Hey cats – it just dawned on me — If you subscribe to Seven Thoughts via email, that means you get my posts immediately after I hit the publish button. Which is cool, but please keep in mind, one thing — after I hit the PUBLISH button, I then read the whole thing, online, for […]

Seven Thoughts, Current Events, USA

Last night was unbelievable. We had more looting and violence all over the country, in response to the death of George Floyd. First things first – Protest is genius right now. Ramp it up. There is nothing more American than Americans being rude, angry and belligerent in the face of injustice. BUT — looting and […]