Announcement – My Immortal 2020

When I went to Rome in October, I decided that one of my missions, so to speak, was to start creative writing again. And so, after much internal debate, I launched the Rome 2019 writing mission by re-writing, re-editing and improving a small obscure book about drum corps that I wrote and self-published nearly 20 […]

Un giorno a Roma…

Un giorno a Roma, sono andato a caso in questa piccola chiesa, non so nemmeno il suo nome … e ho visto il soffitto più incredibile …. #roma One day in Rome, I randomly went into this small church, don’t even know its name … and I saw the most incredible ceiling….  #roma

Tiger King = Netflix gone Rogue

5 Star Netflix Recommendation – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Check out the new series “Tiger King” on Netflix. This film is, by 700 light years — absolutely the craziest, kookiest and most insane documentary I have ever seen about anything — pretty much every person in the series is completely insane, most of them are evil, about a third […]

Ai miei amici italiani

La prima volta che ho guardato fuori dalla mia finestra oggi a Los Angeles, ho visto un uomo che camminava per strada con una maglietta della Roma! Lo giuro su Dio, è stata la cosa più incredibile da vedere !! Ho tenuto la mia maglietta Totti alla finestra e ho urlato “Forza Roma!” Poi abbiamo […]

The Unexpected Hollywood Casting Master Class.

We had a great meeting with my talent agency and a few producers today … it was an amazing learning experience, a master class. We spoke for nearly an hour about how they prep actors and materials for auditions and casting, network series and films etc. I had no idea that much planning went into […]