Come Raggiungere il tuo piede nella porta di Hollywood il giorno 1.

Ciao, gatti. Ho scritto questo per tutte le persone che si trasferiscono a Los Angeles da tutto il mondo per “farcela” a Hollywood. Ai fini di questo articolo – “Hollywood” non significa solo l’industria cinematografica e televisiva statunitense, ma anche l’industria musicale, in quanto una percentuale significativa delle persone che si spostano a Los Angeles […]

Law School Story 96

A long time ago, on a strange and magical day, in a USF law school summer far far away in Prague, my friend Rachel P. and I kept running into the former President of Poland, Lech Walesa. Everywhere we went, there was Lech. Which didn’t seem to make a lot of sense, since we were […]


I’ve been watching the 1970s sitcom “Taxi” on Hulu lately. The jokes are a little dated, of course, it’s not as wacky and crazy as today’s sitcoms. But the writing is genius, I think. Somehow, someway — every episode, makes you feel happy. It’s weird, kind of interesting, and a great thing to watch in […]

BORAT 2 – Quick Review

Borat 2 appeared on Amazon Prime last night. I am surprised to say … from the beginning of the film to the end, actress Maria Bakalova (Tutar) stole the show — she is the real star of this film. Yes, there are crazy and funny moments, as always — but the real story of this […]

The True to Form Music Lawyer Flashback.

Back in the day, as a music lawyer in San Francisco, I represented a ton of metal bands. This is True to Form from San Jose. True to Form played intense relentless music, their fans used to go berserk in the clubs. This was an amazing learning experience as counsel, because I didn’t know a […]

December 2020, Act 3. The aliens arrive.

Many of my friends and family in foreign countries are very concerned about the United States right now. Many ask me, is it safe to be here? In every other situation, I would chuckle. Things are not as bad as seen on TV. But right now, living in the 2020 science fiction movie — I’m […]

Observation July 2020: Covid-19 and Masks

One by one, US federal and state government officials with an anti-mask position are starting to realize what’s happening with the Covid situation, and they are changing course, simply because things are getting worse, very quickly.  Those in denial, those who complain their rights are being violated by mandating masks … are on the wrong […]