I am profoundly thankful for my career right now … and that has nothing to do with money, fame, or any other nonsense that people in the entertainment business think life is about sometimes. It’s just fun.

I bought a copy of Madden 2016 today, an annual fall ritual since 1993 or so. As I was checking out, the GameStop guy told me, “If you get bored with it, you can bring the game back for trade and–“ My laughter cut him off. “Not going to happen…”

As the process of directing Red Skies at Night continues, I’m finding there are aspects of directing a movie that are not fun, and there are aspects of directing a movie that are worthwhile and amazing. Among the things that make directing worthwhile, IMO, is that you get to work with some of the most talented and creative people on the planet. And conceptually, the ‘palette of creativity’ […]

Tonight, we will get the first draft of Scene 2 of Red Skies at Night from the editor, the Hollywood dance party. This is where the audience will meet Bernie, the Director of the reality television show within a movie. You’ll also meet the about-to-be-married reality stars Woody and Nikki, and the executive producer of Woody […]

The editing has begun for Red Skies at Night. It is one thing to have a cool music-video style teaser – but now it’s time to put the actual movie together. As you may have read on here, I got a rough version 1.0 of Scene 1 from editor Lee Madsen a few days ago. I took a few days to enjoy the […]

In this new and unexpected mysterious career path of directing a movie — something that always seems to be somehow happening “to” me — yesterday was a milestone. It sure took a long time to get there. First, I had to learn how to work with an editor as a director, a skill set which included A – learning how to give precise editing […]

Hello everyone, Happy Friday. A few thoughts as an eventful week comes to a close – Football.  I’m a fan of American football and soccer, and I enjoy documentary films about both sports, to get behind the scenes stories or, in the case of soccer, to learn about a sport I didn’t know existed until a few years ago. […]


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