Hey cats – I am teaching a ten-week entertainment law boot camp this summer. The program is open to producers, lawyers and law students. Check it out here.

With the screenplay to Goodbye Blue Sky updated and in our production team’s hands, I turned my focus to the financing and investor documentation. Having been a lawyer for over 15 years, the legal aspects of the documentation, the PPM, licensing and option agreements and other docs we need to finance and produce a film are not difficult for me, […]

It took a herculean effort and a ton of writing hours over the course of 5 weeks and weekends with no days off, but at 4:30 AM, I finished the new draft of what is now ‘GOODBYE BLUE SKY – THE STORY OF FLOWER AND THE DEAD SPIDERS‘ , and sent it out to our production team in Hollywood and Japan. We’ll continue to refine the story and […]

I’m gearing up for the final proofread of Goodbye Blue Sky​ 2015 today, sending the script out to our creative team in the US and Japan tonight. We’ll continue to refine the story and characters until we shoot, of course, but this is the most complete version of Goodbye Blue Sky we’ve had so far.

I know it happens every hour in Hollywood with big stars, but I personally have never seen film distributors and sales agents approach independent producers about the rights to an not-yet-shot movie until now, with Goodbye Blue Sky. This was cool and exciting until the reality check dawned on me – the film is not […]

This post was a heartfelt piece that I wrote about the Freddie Gray matter. But violence just exploded in Baltimore, and the last thing anyone needs right now is another voice discussing the issues, fueling the fire. So, that blog post will come back another day. But not now. Looting is not protest, it’s violence. Peace, everybody.


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