Watch this chaotic short film.

This is FLEUR, a US/Japanese/Italian science fiction film, starring Japanese pop star Shizuka. This movie took 3 countries, 3 years, 7 festivals and 7 international incidents to produce. It was screened in movie theaters in Rome, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Wilkes Barres, PA. The Fleur festivities included the most chaotic and kooky meeting in the […]

Religion Story

I was telling a friend of mine that my discovery of Rome a few years ago put me back in touch with the church a bit … he interrupted me, and said “I thought you were Jewish…” I laughed out loud. Here we go again. You see, for the last 20 years, it seems that […]

Dog week = sad.

The most difficult and busiest week I’ve ever had at work as a lawyer, was last week, which got super-busy on a few television and film projects all at once, at the same exact time that my dog Buzz got sick and passed away. I did not excel at work last week, I survived it […]

Facebook US Political Discussion Rule 7(f)

Ladies and gentlemen, Sometimes I’m going to comment on Facebook — positively and/or negatively — about public figures who hate Donald Trump. I also may comment on or support issues that are in direct opposition to Donald Trump’s agenda.  Sometimes I’m going to comment on Facebook — positively and/or negatively — on public figures who […]

Italy/USA movie camp, Day 6. Saturday.

The entire team is hyped out of our minds after the results of yesterday’s casting. There is much to do to shoot a film in May, things could go wrong blah blah blah — but our little Roman horror movie is suddenly in crazy-amazing shape from a US cast standpoint. Tonight, our team of talent […]