Hollywood: The 7 Fundamental Principles

Principle 1: Network + Indifference. Meet as many people in the entertainment industry as possible, with complete and total disregard and indifference for who they are, or what they can do for your career. Yes, you read that correctly. Principle 2: Never Ask. Never ask anyone for anything unless absolutely necessary. If you are to […]

Come Raggiungere il tuo piede nella porta di Hollywood il giorno 1.

Ciao, gatti. Ho scritto questo per tutte le persone che si trasferiscono a Los Angeles da tutto il mondo per “farcela” a Hollywood. Ai fini di questo articolo – “Hollywood” non significa solo l’industria cinematografica e televisiva statunitense, ma anche l’industria musicale, in quanto una percentuale significativa delle persone che si spostano a Los Angeles […]

Color Correction – Film and TV

My ‘before’ and ‘after’ appreciation of the role and expertise of a colorist changed after sitting in on a 9-hour session once upon a time. Watching the meticulous technical process was not fun, for a lawyer, maybe even semi-insane at times. lol However, I left with a great understanding and appreciation of the process, which […]

Racism and The Capital Riot

I have been saying the same thing about Donald Trump for months, and it came to fruition yesterday. I don’t have anything to add, I was right, and I still assert that we should be very worried about the next two weeks with an insane and angry president. However, I want to say one more […]


I’ve been watching the 1970s sitcom “Taxi” on Hulu lately. The jokes are a little dated, of course, it’s not as wacky and crazy as today’s sitcoms. But the writing is genius, I think. Somehow, someway — every episode, makes you feel happy. It’s weird, kind of interesting, and a great thing to watch in […]

BORAT 2 – Quick Review

Borat 2 appeared on Amazon Prime last night. I am surprised to say … from the beginning of the film to the end, actress Maria Bakalova (Tutar) stole the show — she is the real star of this film. Yes, there are crazy and funny moments, as always — but the real story of this […]