I’ve been spending a ton of time on the 2015 draft of the Goodbye Blue Sky screenplay, with a self-imposed deadline of May 4. That draft will go to the GBS creative team for notes, possibly to a professional script coverage company – then I will refine once more, and we will have our movie. Screenwriting has been an interesting journey. […]

Thought #1 – Whoever is advising Britt McHenry behind the scenes about PR needs to change course. There needs to be a sincere public apology now, or this is going to get worse and may kill her career. IMO. Thought #2 – I’ve never worked at a tow truck place, but I’m guessing most people who come to get their […]

“Nothing aired by WikiLeaks could possibly be more destructive to Sony’s reputation than the release of “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,” the sort of movie that goes beyond mere mediocrity to offer possible evidence of a civilization in decline.” – Justin Chang, Variety

Red Skies at Night Sneak Preview. Mission accomplished. Hitting 25,000 views of the sneak preview in less than three weeks did not set Internet records, but behind the scenes on those 47 seconds, it might as well have. When the dust settled, the size of the Goodbye Blue Sky financing and production team doubled, sales agents started reaching out to us, and we got a […]

Two veteran Hollywood producers just joined the production/finance team for Goodbye Blue Sky. Cool beans. http://tinyurl.com/rsnsneakpreview 

Copyright Lee Rudnicki 2004 Principle 1: Network + Indifference. Meet as many people in the entertainment industry as possible, with complete and total disregard and indifference for who they are or what they can do for your career. Yes, you read that correctly. Principle 2: Never Ask. Never ask anyone for anything (unless absolutely necessary). If you […]

Last night, there was a huge surge in the number of fans watching the Red Skies at Night Sneak Preview (thousands). We passed 10,000 views in less than two weeks after launch.  Cool beans – thank you everyone!   http://tinyurl.com/rsnsneakpreview


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