The Unexpected Hollywood Casting Master Class.

We had a great meeting with my talent agency and a few producers today … it was an amazing learning experience, a master class. We spoke for nearly an hour about how they prep actors and materials for auditions and casting, network series and films etc. I had no idea that much planning went into […]

The Unites States – an observation

We have a very rude, argumentative, disorganized and chaotic country at times. Our politicians fight like cats and dogs, they almost never get anything done. But despite all of that chaos, despite all of that friction and political hate — somehow, someway, every once in a while, the United States reminds the world of our […]

Hollywood/Italy Movie Camp #2

Next week in Los Angeles … we commence Hollywood/Italy “Movie Camp II” … my colleague and I will take a ton of meetings over the span of one week, concerning motion picture and television projects that will be shot in Italy, in the English language, with US/UK actors (mostly). We’re trying this mission again … […]