Over the last three weeks, I’ve spent tons of hours preparing for editing Red Skies at Night. To ensure the process is successful, I created a new script that represents exactly what we shot in January, and catalogued and organized every piece of footage and sound file into a master game plan. It took a bazillion hours, and I ended the […]

What a journey… It took months to get the Red Skies teaser done, to learn how to work with a professional editor, and most of all — to find an editor who had the passion and energy level I need to see on this film. It was a long process, much longer than expected, and I made my share of […]

I recently found out that Chalet Brannan, aka little Dylan in my film Red Skies at Night, was just diagnosed with leukemia. Ugh. Thoughts and prayers, Chalet.

With our production team’s efforts shifting from preparing financing documents to the completion of Red Skies at Night, I spent three hours yesterday going through footage from the January shoot. It was amazing – I realized that I’ve been spending so much time drafting contracts, preparing, financing documentation and project summaries that I had almost forgotten what we captured on […]

Sudden and astonishing developments behind the scenes for Goodbye Blue Sky and Red Skies at Night – we’re moving again, which is genius. Sometimes, I wish I chose an easier and less chaotic career path than anything to do with the movie business. Like astronaut. 7

I saw the film JAWS again this week, 40 years later. I have one thought – They could have just as easily had the radio on the boat not work, get water logged and break etc. But no … the captain of this sinking ship took a baseball bat and smashed their only link to civilization in a berserk rage. […]

I received a donation to include in the eBay auction for The Official Unofficial 2015 Hawthorne Caballero’s Coffee Cup. Now, if you win The Official Unofficial 2015 Hawthorne Caballero’s Coffee Cup, you’ll also get a Joe Montana plaque, signed by the famous QB himself. Go Cabs – http://www.ebay.com


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