I received a donation to include in the eBay auction for The Official Unofficial 2015 Hawthorne Caballero’s Coffee Cup. Now, if you win The Official Unofficial 2015 Hawthorne Caballero’s Coffee Cup, you’ll also get a Joe Montana plaque, signed by the famous QB himself. Go Cabs – http://www.ebay.com

JUNE 25, 2015, CANNES, FRANCE. Variety is reporting that Warner Bros. and Sony have entered into negotiations with The Official Unofficial Hawthorne Caballeros 2015 Coffee Cup. Nobody is sure exactly what is being negotiated with a coffee cup, or why, but rumors abound in Hollywood and DCA, and TMZ photographers have spotted the Cabs cup hanging out with […]

I saw the Hawthorne Cabs new uniforms today online, for the first time. If you have not seen them, here they are I have two things to say about the Cabs new uniforms – First, they’re cool, I like them. I know every DCA traditionalist is probably complaining and asking for the old uniforms back, but I’m […]

We are interviewing film editors for Goodbye Blue Sky. Our production team’s five (5) requirements – (1) LA. Must live in or near Los Angeles. (2) Experienced. Feature film experience, and the confidence to go with it.  Music video experience helpful (3) Music. Must understand music.  Ability to play “any” instrument = A+ (4) Creative.    And […]

Dear FIFA delegates, I want to thank Sepp Blatter for the surreal series of chaotic developments and debacles started by some FIFA guy named Chuck who bought a New York penthouse for a cat named Sparkles, and ended with mass public arrests in Switzerland. All of which somehow enabled me to go from the Winner of the 2012 Electronic Arts FIFA Video Game […]

Today, I’m reviewing the official “pitch package” for Goodbye Blue Sky, which is basically ‘visual’ documentation that explains the film project to our financiers and production partners, the vision, the production team, the music, and our business plan etc. Basically, the pitch package works hand in hand with the PPM, the 100+ page document that we will give […]

Hey cats – I am teaching a ten-week entertainment law boot camp this summer. The program is open to producers, lawyers and law students. Check it out here.


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