SHIZUKA gathers her thoughts as she prepares for her magical performance as Flower, in the Polka Dot wedding. See Shizuka in the official Red Skies Sneak Preview!    

Waking up to colleague’s astonished texts and emails. Less than 24 hours after making the Red Skies at Night teaser public, we’re approaching 3,000 views. Crazier yet – every screen shot of Flower from the teaser has appeared on thousands of instagram and twitter pages already. Amazing!


Tokyo 2006. With Director Junichi Suzuki and actress Hinano Yoshikawa at the premiere of Death Ride. This was the first motion picture I ever worked on (I was the production lawyer and a producer), an amazing learning experience.

Once upon a time, the guided-missile cruiser USS Shiloh shot down a UFO just off the coast of Los Angeles. The next morning, a little girl (Dylan) found the badly wounded alien pilot. Dylan then did what most people in Hollywood do when they come across something as unbelievable and life-changing as a dying alien fighter […]

With the short film Red Skies at Night in post and the sneak preview release almost upon us, it’s time to turn our attention back to the feature film, Goodbye Blue Sky. We had a key team member in from Tokyo, so I assembled a small group in Beverly Hills this afternoon to discuss Goodbye Blue Sky. It wasn’t a creative meeting, […]

It took two years to find the perfect actress to play Flower. The wait was worth every second. Shizuka is Flower.


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