Lee Rudnicki – Now on Substack

Ciao everyone. I just found an awesome new platform called Substack that allows me to feature my writing, photography, and drum corps memories in a much better way. I’m now in the process of moving content, and creating new content, for the Substack site, which will become the primary place to access all of my […]

Professional Bio

Entertainment attorney Lee Rudnicki serves as the EVP of Business Affairs for the Hollywood animation studio Lex and Otis Studios. Lee also represents television and film clientele all over the world.  Before law school, Lee was the #3 snare drummer in the world, as ranked by Drum Corps International in 1987. In 1994, Lee became […]

Seven Rules to navigate Hollywood

Rule 1: Network + Indifference. Meet as many people in the industry as possible, with total indifference for who they are or what they can do for your career. Yes, you read that correctly. Rule 2: Never Ask. Never ask anyone for anything unless absolutely necessary. If you are meant to work with someone, let […]

Content idea for Streamers

As streaming entertainment continues to evolve, so does the quest for content to keep users engaged, and monthly subscriptions active. One issue with streaming is that any given movie is a ‘one-off’ viewing experience. No one takes two weeks to watch a movie. This issue was more or less solved with the advent and growth […]

A Word about my Political Views (repost from FB)

I just had to de-friend somebody, and it seems like an appropriate time to explain something. You may have noticed the lack of political content on my FB page. For example, you don’t see me advocating for or against gun control, for or against the right to an abortion, immigration and paths to citizenship, trans […]

Criticism of CNN’s Town Hall Meeting with Donald Trump

With the so-called ‘town-hall meeting’ with Donald Trump last night, CNN did a “great” job enabling hate, violence, racism, sexual abuse, a murderous Russian dictator, and generally speaking, a non-stop stream of lies and cruelty. There was absolutely no value to that town hall event whatsoever to the United States of America. Donald Trump is […]

My Immortal, Chapter 17 – EVA (Sample Chapter)

CHAPTER 17 – EVA Wolf peered through his binoculars at the grass area that surrounded the cathedral; it was clear of everything but decomposing bodies and his wrecked Panther tank. The Lustgarten gave the defenders of Berlin Cathedral a clear field of fire and enabled them to hold off repeated assaults. However, the holy building that served so […]

Introducing Pinky the Cat

When my mom passed in January, I immediately flew to Pennsylvania to take care of things. When the dust settled, my mom’s cat had Pinky nowhere to go, then plan was to take her to the SPCA or something. Which sounds horrible, but my mom had just died, and “cat” was far down the list […]

The SCV Director Issue

I spoke with a friend yesterday and got the inside scoop on what’s going on in the Santa Clara Vanguard organization, for the first time in many years. Which was interesting. My .07 about the Director issue — The organization needs to stop looking for “a” corps director, the job is too complicated and large […]

Final Steps – My Immortal

After my mother passed in January, I needed an activity, something to pour my grief, frustration and sadness into, to give me some time to ‘check out’ of reality, so to speak. And in a random moment in a Pennsylvania hotel, I chose My Immortal, the vampire novel I published almost 15 years ago. I’m […]

Quick Update – My Immortal

After 13 years, I finally updated my novel, My Immortal: The Vampires of Berlin, this will be the 3rd and final edition. I poured myself into the writing over the last 4 months, and the story came to life, turned into the novel I always wanted to write – to my surprise, by word count […]

Deep Thoughts – Life

Wow. 2022 turned out to be one of the most fun years of my life, equal to any year of college or drum corps. In a sense, these are the “good ole days.” Besides being grateful, I have a message for you. Enjoy your life. No matter how old you are, no matter how much […]

The vampire story continues…

Once upon a time at UCLA, I wrote a screenplay set in Berlin on the last day of WW II. I loved my screenplay so much, and it won some awards, that I decided to write the novel. Then, on the advice of my then-publisher, I added a modern day component to the book, set […]

My three most difficult accomplishments.

I had dinner the other night at Circolo Vittorio in Roma with my super-talented friend Manuela. It was the first time I’ve been in a prolonged one-on-one situation with someone who speaks only Italian. Our “no English” dinner was awesome, and my ability to keep a conversation going pleasantly surprised me. Our amazing dinner morphed […]

Dear Santa Clara Vanguard

Dear Santa Clara Vanguard, My friends — you are making a huge and catastrophic mistake for the longevity of the SCV organization by folding the SCV Cadet Corps. It is far better to have a local corps that does not tour, with a small unpaid staff — then to thrown in the towel on 200 […]

The Roma Hollywood Cinema Club

My colleagues and I formed The Roma Hollywood Cinema Club, Inc., a new international venture to finance and produce Hollywood movies and television series in Italy. We’ve been in stealth mode so far, but A-list talent from both countries have been joining the mission, and we’re just starting to make our presence known. When the […]

The Roma Scooter Incident – 2022

May 17, 3:30 AM. What a night.  On my way walking home, I heard a crash. Then I heard a guy scream, in English, “Wake up!! Wake up!!”   I ran across the street, and came upon a very bad scene.  Long story short, a car hit two guys from Los Angeles, who were riding scooters […]

That’s Enough, Jussie Smollett

After his outburst in court, Jussie Smollett’s lawyers are now trying to secure the actor’s release from jail pending appeal. And this is officially getting silly. Smollett is not a victim – he’s the perp. Look, if this crybaby acted with even 50% of the drama he exhibited throughout his trial, he would be the […]