Once upon a time, a little girl named Dylan finds an alien fighter pilot dying on the beach in Malibu. Dylan saves Flower’s life, and a most remarkable friendship is born, one which literally changes the world. Visit us on Facebook! 

The only thing more annoying than writing a screenplay is not writing a screenplay.

I’m not sure when machines take over the Earth, but I’m 75% certain that Google email auto-correct is some sort of advance harassment mission.

From: Lee Rudnicki Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 10:15 AM Subject: ** Film, Red Skies – Deep Thought Making a film is a process that always takes longer than you think, it never ends, and December and the first week of January almost killed me.  Hardest thing I’ve ever done, by 777x.  BUT – this process is way, […]

After re-starting the process, then spending a week watching editor reels and on the phone, I selected a film editor for the Red Skies at Night teaser, production is starting. I selected the editor for this first release of footage based upon talent and experience, geographic proximity to me (LA), and a quirky director/editor’s reel that was astonishingly similar […]


With the music for the Red Skies teaser complete, I’ve re-started interviewing editors, and we’re moving fast. Ideally, we will secure a talented editor in the next few days, who will not only edit the teaser, but can also move right into Red Skies at Night itself, which will give us a running start towards finishing by the March deadline for Cannes 2015 short films. I don’t […]


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