Teal Sound? Is DCI Broken?

Teal Sounding folding mid-tour is sad, but by definition, the ball had to have been dropped by both DCI and the Teal Sound board of directors for something like this to happen out of the blue DURING the DCI tour.

This sucks for everyone, including the show sponsors. But DCI should have been on top of this before it happened. If DCI is somehow “not” supposed to be aware of a bad financial condition of a member corps, then the DCI system is broken, and it should get out of the way of the activity before it kills it off.

Point of fact, those Teal Sound kids should have never went on tour. They should have had a chance to march somewhere else, — in January. How many DCI age outs just had their last season of drum corps ruined?

I’m sorry, but this is low rent business organization at its finest. How many corps do we need to lose to wake up here?


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