Screenwriting. Bringing Chaos to a Movie.

Screenwriting 101 … on Sunday, I spent all day finishing the final draft of the script I’ve been working on for two months, aka my first professional screenwriting gig.  Long story short, one random reading of My Immortal and a lunch of Chinese food in France during a bizarre umbrella destroying Wizard of Oz like storm, this rookie was quietly offered the opportunity do a “unique” rewrite on an action movie.  Which is crazy killer wacky, no?  I was astonished and honored. With less than 5 screenplays under my belt, the director getting attention right now, the pressure to write something that doesn’t completely suck was intense, frankly.

My strategy was to throw the ball to the end zone.  If we’re going to fail, let’s fail big.

As the story goes, I gave this script 150% and went outside of the box and comfort zone of the genre and audience by about 200 light years with complete and total reckless indifference … I added a chaos factor of 900 to the script, created three characters who are completely insane, even changed the name of the freakin movie without asking permission from anybody, which I figured is probably about as belligerent as you can get as a first time screenwriter, except for maybe anything and everything ever done by screenwriting superhero Joe Eszerhas in a rage.  When the dust settled, this rewrite is the best I have in me right now.  But it is … shall we say, “unique.”

You want unique?  Okay. Ta-da.  Here you go.  Bring on “fail big.”  

I spent the last few days waiting for a phone call where someone would yell at me, maybe demand a refund.

That’s not what happened..



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