Film Review – Skyline

I randomly watched the sci-fi alien invasion film Skyline on Netflix tonight, directed by Colin and Greg Strause.

One word = Bravo.

More words — Skyline is a absolutely crazy movie, well worth the time spent watching it.  The effects are fantastic, the pacing is intense and the story is unique to the point of ridiculous, if not certifiably insane.  This movie is not outside the box, the box got tossed out somewhere in the second draft of the screenplay.  In the span of 90 minutes, ten tons of brains get sucked out, LA gets nuked, a Ferrari gets trashed by the Transformer’s evil pissed off third cousin, and a giant Death Star spewing neon bugs crashes onto Santa Monica and comes back to life twice. Point of fact, I had absolutely no idea how this crazy f*cking film was going to end until it actually ended.

And even then …

If you’re looking for a calm evening on the couch with your significant other, watch Puppy Bowl re-runs or the Amish Mafia. If you want a roller coaster ride that will have your friends and family covering their eyes, screaming and/or openly weeping … watch Skyline.


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