Writing, Outlining and Outlining Vampires.


I’ve spent a lot of time in writer-mode lately, working on the sequel to My Immortal, and also getting ready to write a “polish” of an action movie script, which is my second paid screenwriting opportunity.  I’m not a professional WGA screenwriter, it’s more of a fast-growing hobby for me as opposed to my work as a producer or lawyer, but my writing is starting to get noticed a little bit, so we’ll see where all this goes.

I have a lot of ideas for the My Immortal sequel, and I prepared by reading the original Dracula and traveling to Prague and Berlin. Despite the outpouring of creativity, I had to spend about two hours last night going through my old UCLA screenwriting program materials, more or less pounding the concept of structure back into my head.  I hope that by spending more time in the outline phase, the time spent writing and editing will be substantially less than it took the last time, 700 years.




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