Indie Film – Production Teams

Exciting meeting today, potentially the start of a new and talented production team.  As the meeting progressed, I reflected that although it has taken years to put the pieces in place, I am fortunate to work with a very talented team of people, all of whom love to work on films.

In independent film, if not every professional entertainment production, it’s mission critical to work with producers who have talent, experience, passion and confidence blah blah blah … but most important in the skill set tool box — professional. You need producers who can agree to disagree without drama, and who will not start screaming the first time adversity hits. If you don’t have this approach, you don’t have much.

Why?  Because adversity is an inherent part of filmmaking.  A successful independent film (i.e., a completed film that meets commercial delivery specs) is not defined by lack of adversity — it is ultimately defined by how the production team responds to adversity.  Because adversity will strike, at every step of the filmmaking process, and you will have a moment or two when all seems lost.  If you have worked on a film in any capacity, you know this well.

But it’s all good.

Support the team and keep going.  You’ll get there.

As an aside … Smash!  9:00 AM, Day 1 on the first film I ever worked on … our equipment truck crashed into a car as it pulled into the set for the first time.

That was the opening ceremonies for Death Ride

death_ride_poster s


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