Random Notes on a Two’s Day

Not so Genius.

The flaw in the plan to close my FB page to acquire more creative writing time became apparent last night, when I realized it would also result in the unintended loss of the My Immortal FB page, and the loss of 4,000 fans of the book.  Aka kinda-sorta defeated the point of having more writing time.  My pal Kevin suggested having Seven Thoughts post automatically to Facebook, but write everything here, which makes sense. The mission to refine the “write smart” plan continues, but one way or another, I need to have one focused place to write on a daily basis, not 100 different places to update, or it goes back to being a time sink.  Anyway …


Today,  a meeting of SubScreen in Century City, our first in a while.  FYI, SubScreen is a group of entertainment lawyers affiliated with the LA Bar, mostly working in film, and I’ve been a member since I moved to LA in late 04.   I’ve met some super-talented cats over the years in SubScreen, and in fact, SubScreen lawyers were the first people I met in the industry in LA.  My former University of San Francisco law professor turned LA entertainment lawyer Susan Rabin took me to my first meeting once upon a time, and I was welcomed with open arms.  Which was cool beans, especially since I hardly knew anyone in LA at the time.   Here we go again.

49ers in the Super Bowl.

Wow.  After a decade of misery for 49ers fans, I am still stunned this actually happened again in our lifetimes.   Don’t lose.


Towards the end of last year, I was quietly hired by a director to re-write a martial arts movie that is in development.  I gave the project 200% effort and changed most of the concept of the film, including the title, and at the end of the day, put my very best and most creative and chaotic writing on the table.

Faaaaaaaast forward 2013, I was brought back to write the polish of the screenplay, which is the last draft before the movie shoots.  And then, once upon a time last week, the lead actor’s age suddenly changed by 20 years.  I laughed.  Wow!  As you can probably imagine, this two-second change of a number after a name resulted in a ripple effect throughout the script, a literary hand grenade — relationships between characters, mannerisms, all sorts of elements changed in a blink of an eye. And I have until February 14 to figure it all out.  Which sounds like chaos, but it’s actually fun, creatively speaking.  As a writer, you get parameters, and you have to figure out the script and how it all fits together, much like playing a game of literary Sudoku. But it takes time, aka one reason I’m holding on to Tim Ferris’ time-allocation principles in Four Hour Work Week for dear life. “Write smart” is the motto right now.

Anyway … thanks for reading this nonsense.  Have a nice day, try not to poke anyone in the eye.




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