Goodbye Blue Sky – Directing? You?

Exactly two weeks ago today, in a West LA 50s diner with a colleague, I decided I was going to direct a movie. This year. Immediately after that seemingly crazy and/or belligerent and/or idiotic decision, I optioned a sci-fi story, came up with a concept, and started taking meetings.  I had no script, no title, no directing experience. Just a story, an idea, and a belligerent attitude. My colleague’s reaction to this plan was encouraging, so I kept going. “What took you so long to Direct?” was my favorite response. Followed by a lot of “Why the fuck do you think you are?” from others. Then I came up with a title, an outline, and the most fucked up bizarre outlandish chaotic and sexy main character I could think of, and then set it all in present day San Francisco. I never wrote anything that fast in my life, including My Immortal.  I adopted the Hal Ackerman UCLA snowplow method x 77.  I didn’t stop to even think whether the ideas were good, bad, or even whether they followed any sort of structure or rules, I just kept writing. Whether came out of my mind, went on paper with reckless indifference. Add one day of revisions to the mix, I thought I had a killer idea for a film. The game changed a little bit yesterday, when a five-minute pitch transformed into a two hour meeting. The team is growing, as is my confidence. Just because. Maybe this director idea fails miserably and a movie never gets made.  But I don’t think that’s how it’s going to pan out.  Of course, I’m belligerent, so maybe my stupid vote doesn’t count. Whatever happens, I’ll tell the story of my idea to become a film director here on Seven Thoughts as it goes