It’s always sunny in Philadelphia – Review

I just discovered It’s always sunny in Philadelphia.  Yes, this discovery comes 5 years after everybody else.  I hit the same timeline with Seinfeld, watching my first of many episodes a few years after it was kinda sorta off the air and in the happy valley of syndication.  Other than NFL, I don’t watch commercial television, so I get a pass on all-things TV-show related — but, after my latest Netflixian discovery, let me say one thing for the belated record.

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia is one of the funniest f*cking shows I have ever seen.  It comes down to everybody arguing all the time, which seems ridiculous — but in almost every episode, there will be at least one line or moment which will make my laugh to the point of almost falling off the couch.  It takes a lot to get me to laugh out loud, especially sitcoms — but this show is a masterpiece,  brilliant writing coupled with chaotic acting that approaches or surpasses genius at times.  Danny DeVito, WTF … you’re even funnier than when you used to manage the taxi garage and my parents would order me to stop drumming for 30 minutes.


Yeah I know.   I figured this out after everybody else but the five guys in North Korea with television.  Same as it ever was.


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