Random Notes, Early Monday

1.  New Arrested Development, on Netflix.  Wondering whether or not the Netflixian episodes of AR are funnier than the original misses the point of life, the universe and everything.  The new season is a gift to television.  It’s like Jerry Rice, Jordan or Babe Ruth show up to the stadium in original form for the 2014 season.  WTF, right?  Your viewing experience does not get tarnished if Jordan doesn’t score 50.  We’re good, thank you for attending.  Bonus points for writers and producers bring smart enough to ditch the :30 and :60 television program model, and reinvent the structure of the reincarnated show, works great in streaming context.  Bravo.

2.  Bar Exam article, almost done.  Finishing up a first attempt at a “how-to” anything.  This essay/e-book started on a napkin as an outline for a lecture to a law class, came to life via an iPad experiment on a plane to Italy once upon a time two weeks ago.  It was fun to write, so I made it  fun to read.  Chaotic and belligerent, in fact, written in the belief that the world has enough dry and super-serious bar exam or law guides, and it might be the first to contain profanity.  Apologies to lawyers everywhere in advance.  hehe

3.  Goodbye Blue Sky.  Dust settles, and Draft 2.0 needs an opening scene change and a character or two killed off. It is fun to invent new characters as a writer, but when “character” starts to become “cast” in the discussion, the production game changes.   Writing team 7, regroup, the mission continues.

4.  Ciao.  I’m fascinated by the way Italians communicate. Watching and listening to the people of Napoli interact was the greatest theater performance of my life.   It’s an amazing city, and Sarune and Guiseppe’s wedding was magical.  Thank you Italy.  Again.

5. We will have a drum line/taiko ensemble in Goodbye Blue Sky.  Playing different music than I thought a week ago.

6.  Nerd Alert Six. Last weeks most amusing result of jet lag was clearly the early morning games of Civilization V, every day from 2:00 am to 4:00 am.   It was fun, but as it turns out, I am not a particularly good Civ player at 3:00 AM.  Five days of intense strategic gaming and 2,000 years of game time resulted in a civilization slightly bigger than a Walmart, but not as advanced.  As of this writing, I still have one city that has not been enslaved and/or razed to the ground.  The Cleveland Browns will three-peat before I beat this [bleep] game.

7.  seven




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