Random 1987 Santa Clara Vanguard Chaos Trivia Memory

Throughout the winter until we left on the 1987 tour, I lived in an apartment on Merdian Avenue in San Jose, with Santa Clara Vanguard tenor player Dave Gary, and  colorguard members Sharon and Leslie.  It was an amazingly fun living situation, especially for someone who had come from a college dorm at West Chester, But the dynamics of the West Coast cool drum corps situation changed dramatically when somebody in our happy little home bought a tape by the 80s band Berlin.

As the story goes, every time the song (1) “The Metro” or (2) “The Masquerade” got played on the boom box, the entire apartment would erupt in an all-out food fight.

Why?  Who knows, it’s probably easier to figure out  conflict in the Middle East.  But whatever the cause of the disturbance in the force, every time one of those f*cking songs came on, it was a serious and immediate food war, and it didn’t matter how you were dressed or what food was within grabbing distance.

Ham sandwiches were launched, eggs flew, milk got poured into ears.  Who would have thought that a garbage can full of gallons of watery yellow macaroni and cheese could be used as a weapon of mass food destruction?  When truce was finally called in June, everything that everyone owned had been covered in food and/or destroyed at least once during our lease, and we would all be finding pieces of macaroni among our possessions through the 1987 tour with the Vanguard.

Good times…

1987 SCV


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