Screenplay 3.0 – Goodbye Blue Sky

Sunday, aka 7-7, was writer-day. I spent twelve hours fine-tuning the script, 1:00 PM until 2:30 AM, with a few breaks for eating, hanging out with Rumi and walking Buzz. When I finished the final proofreading in early morning Monday, I emailed Draft 3.0 to our lead producer. I then sat back, read the script from top to bottom again for no apparent reason, and had three observations.

FIRST, if you ever think about becoming a screenwriter, run the other way. Well, not really. Writing is awesome, actually. But know that although 100 or so pages of screenwriting on any given screenplay looks deceptively simple, it actually takes a long [bleep] time to learn how to get a script even close to right, no matter how smart or naturally talented you are. Of course, as a rule of the universe, every entertainment project takes longer than you think it will when you start, it’s just the nature of the creative process.

SECOND, although it may take trial and error to find the right people, and maybe you use different cats for every project, I think screenwriting is a more fun and rewarding creative experience when you write with a team of writers. UCLA was right. Safety tip – use friendly writers who don’t care who writes what, and who can deal with a lead writer or director guiding the team and making the final call on content.  If you don’t have a lead person on your creative team, you risk deadlock and chaos on creative issues.  So anyway … 

THIRD, after three weeks of meetings, discussions and rewrites to make the transition from Draft 2.0 to Draft 3.0 of Goodbye Blue Sky … I think  our script went from good … to look the [bleep] out.

I surrounded myself with a great team of creative people, and I think it somehow someway resulted in the best “anything” I’ve ever written, times a million.

Next, we see if I am right … or not.

Cue the dramatic music.

_transamerica_pyramid_san_francisco copy







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