SF 49ers and Colin Kaeperick’s Evil Hat


In NFL news …

On the East Coast, the New England Patriots have a player charged with murder, and the NE fans are wondering if the team can recover from this chaos. They’re also wondering if Aaron Hernandez actually played on the team last year after shooting and killing a couple of other guys in a rage. Huh.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, in San Francisco …

SF 49ers fans are in a rage over QB Colin Kaepernick’s choice of hat on the offseason.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The 49ers Faithful are mad at the guy who led the team to the first 49ers Super Bowl appearance in 500 years (felt like it, anyway) … all because Kaepernick wore a baseball hat featuring the Miami Dolphins, a cool team, but a team that has already been mathematically eliminated from the NFL playoffs until at least 2018. In fact, some 49ers fans are so worried about the hat Kaepernick wears in the off-season, there is actually a story in the newspaper about it.

Excuse me for a second.


Okay I’m back.

The SF newspapers need another article. Can we fight about Justin Smith’s choice of shoes now?


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