Entertainment Law – Wednesday Notes

Here we go again. With August starting to recede, my entertainment law work is picking back up again, as it does every year at this time. It took a few years of working in LA and accumulating enough revenue and billing data, but I finally figured out the annual business cycle of working as an entertainment lawyer.

September and October are typically the #2 and #3 busiest months of the year, respectively. The busiest month of the year,  at least from my perspective is April or May, with half of May usually spent in France, where a ton of business gets done … Cannes is like the Super Bowl or DCA Championships of international film, in fact.

The worst month of the annual cycle? December, by about nine light years.  AS I have experienced it, nobody gets a lot done in the entertainment business in December. First of all, most people in the biz seem to run away from LA for the entire month. Even if they don’t “officially” take the month off and they stay in LA, there is still very little getting done over the holidays. My creative response to the December black hole last year was to quietly relocate and run my law practice out of Pennsylvania and Prague for a couple of weeks.

Speaking of foreign countries, somehow, someway … we’re a hop skip and jump away from the Italian film launching into production.  This project is not a US film shot in Italy … this is actually an Italian movie we’re working on, 100% – Italian director, Italian cast, shot in Italian.  I still have to finalize a few more contracts, the casting director needs to fill out a few more cast members, blah blah blah …. but with some luck, thanks in no small part to a colleague becoming a super hero producer over the last month, the film is shooting in Rome on September 16, and I will officially have worked on my first Italian movie. Mama Mia, how crazy is that? 

Goodbye Blue Sky took a step forward last week. I’m going to leave it at that for right now, but we’re moving forward, step by step, which is cool.

This concludes my random notes.

Okay, thanks for reading.


Lee Rudnicki, Esq.



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