7 Random Notes on a Tuesday

1.  As of last night, Goodbye Blue Sky is officially translated into Japanese, and my mission as a producer-director took one more step forward, albeit with a new-found respect for the time and incredible effort it takes to translate a screenplay (thank you Rumi).  After all the time, chaos, effort, meetings, blood, sweat, tears and writing it took to get Goodbye Blue Sky to this point, what do I think now?  Well … I’m taking this [***] movie to the top.  Failure is not an option, and anyone or anything that gets in my way will be run over. If that’s not politically correct, fine. That’s where I’m at with this one. It’s going.

2.  IN other news … the FB feature that sends a message when you hit “return” instead of making a paragraph break like every other software program on the planet sucks. How many half-edited typo-ladden emails do I have to send early on FB because of this before I learn my lesson? 1,000? Ugh. lol

3.  Watched a really, really bad high school football game on television last night.  MN Vikings v. NY Giants.   Vikings should have played Dan Marino or Terry Bradshaw instead, would have worked out better, scored a few more points.

4.  After the bad football game, I watched a documentary about J-SOC, the top secret US military organization that killed Bin Laden, and apparently, a ton of other bad guys all over the world. I thought the film was well done, the filmmaker made a lot of good points, and I learned a lot. However, I disagree with the ultimate conclusion of the movie.  Drones and other methods of getting to terrorists may be of questionable legality under black letter law, but fighting the war on terror solely through the judicial process failed before 9-11. If you’re going to make the case against J-SOC and drones etc., then you need a better solution — one that does not involve all of us sitting around waiting to get hit again.

5. Dinner Club 7. Want to attend an episode of Dinner Club 7? Cool beans. DC7  is not open to the  public, but we do add people to the invite list. For more information on DC7, visit us on Facebook.

6.  So far, teaching law school this semester has been a fun and interesting ride.  4-5 more classes left, and that’s all she wrote for my Fall 2013 class.

7.  World-class entertainment law — Drumlaw80.com

Thanks for reading, cats.  Have a nice day.





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