Thursday Night Musings

1.  School.  The semester  is drawing to a close, and I  just finished drafting the final exam, aka the closing ceremonies to my first semester teaching law school. Part 1, draft a memo to a producer client concerning the movie he/she wants to shoot. Part 2, draft a t/b/d production agreement based upon a deal memo. The class took on a serious tone tonight when I started giving them the particulars of the exam. They don’t seem as confident as I would like yet, but I have a great class, the most telling example of their level of dedication is that the attendance rate has been near perfect all semester. To date, I have only had one student miss one class, and that was to attend a family wedding in Canada. Cool beans.

2.  Goodbye Blue Sky.  I made some changes and additions to the production team, and we’re accelerating. When the dust settled at the meeting in Beverly Circle this morning, we had a killer line producer on the team.  Look for some unexpected, devious and amazing announcements in the coming days for Goodbye Blue Sky and My Immortal.  It’s time.

3. Go 49ers.

4.  Rossetta Stone Japanese, Week 2.  So far so good.  I’m managing to spend at least an hour  every day learning  Japanese. I like Rosetta so far, but can’t shake the “How the f*ck am I ever going to learn this?” feeling at the start of each new lesson.  The answer = don’t worry about it, keep going, repeat the lesson over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and don’t stop until it is drilled into your head.  Then go to the next one. It works.

5. NFL Peanut Gallery.  The Jacksonville Jaguars picked a bad year to debut wacky helmets, the Dolphins need to stop hurting one another and/or shut up and beam back to 1972 already, how did the Falcons get so bad so fast, the Browns need to make the playoffs or get a logo, and the 49ers should hire Jerry Rice to be the wide receivers coach.

6. Roku.

7. AFM.  I have a few contracts to draft tomorrow, then go into producer mode at AFM for four days.

Thanks for reading. Rock-n-Roll.




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