SF Renegades 2006 – A Bridge Not Too Far

In 2006, Renegades had one snare drummer until May (Scott Kubitz). Somehow, someway, with everyone’s help — the 06 Renegades found a drum line just as the season started. In July, out of respect for a tiny drum line who never gave up, even when they should have — I joined them on the field for the last six weeks of the season.

After not carrying a drum since my days in the Vanguard (nearly 20 years), it wasn’t pretty, but it was really fun and chaotic, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to march in the evil drum line at least once. Bonus points, I also got to perform a controversial individual snare solo at DCA that became an international incident and resulted in at least two formal DCA rule changes.

For the grand finale, a big hurricane hit Rochester during DCA weekend.

Good times. 



1468701_10152105854714187_690936252_n 1456498_10152092516084187_1583122595_n


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