Opinion – Seattle, Richard Sherman’s Angry Rant

Let’s get one thing out of the way first.  I’m a die hard 49ers fan, and I have been since I moved to the Bay Area in the late 80s. In fact, the number “80” in my website – is a tribute to the work ethic of Jerry Rice. Long story short, I’m a big 49ers fan and you get it.  Blah blah blah. back to the topic at hand.

Sunday’s NFC 49ers-Seahawks game was intense. Two great football teams going at it for all the marbles.

At the end, the 49ers fell short, and another fantastic season of 49ers football came to a disappointing end in the last game, like it does for every NFL playoff team except one, as the legendary John Madden points out. The Seahawks won the day, they were the better team, and I’m okay with it. Not thrilled, but a fair result.  I do have one complaint, but I’ll get to that in a second. First, a note about the rant.

After the game was over, Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman was interviewed on television, and launched into an on-camera belligerent and personal tirade against 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

Predictably, many people are outraged by this, especially a lot of 49ers fans. Calling Richard Sherman a thug etc.

But you know what – I thought it was cool.

Look, I don’t want NFL players to get into a fight, or actually try to hurt one another on the field, because if a player gets hurt in that nonsense, it defeats the point of being on the football field in the first place. This is not war, it’s a game.

But truth be told, for once — I was happy to finally NOT see a player give the same boring Zombie-like NFL legal and PR-vetted boring bullshit post game interview they all give after every game. Interview 602(f). “I want to thank my great teammates, we worked hard all week, blah blah blah.”  

I can write the script for 95% of NFL post-game interviews. It’s always the same, tells you nothing about anything, I turn it off.

Once in awhile there is a heart-felt reference to God or a family member, sometimes not – but everything else about NFL post game player interviews is canned, boring and a waste of air time.  In fact, most of the NFL sportswriters and interviewers and the PR reps who tell players what to say, seem to have run out of ideas on or about 1981. The interviews are all about being perfectly politically correct sportsman and not upsetting anyone. Wasn’t it nice to finally hear a post-game interview that was competitive and a little crazy for once, instead of more of the same, same, same and same  and same and same and same?

So, yeah. I am okay with Richard Sherman openly taunting the 49ers. I’m sure he didn’t say anything that doesn’t get said in every NFL game on the field. Yes, the meltdown was on television, but so what. 49ers-Seattle is the the biggest rivalry in the NFL now, ramp it up. Make the game exciting – just make sure all of the happy participants know this is a competitive GAME, they’re not going to suddenly turn into English soccer hooligans busting kneecaps over a neon bird logo. And I don’t see this 49ers coach or team curling up into the fetal position and weeping in surrender. They’re going to gear up to kick Seattle’s ass next year, and off we go again. It’s all good.

p.s.  my one complaint – If there is a call by NFL officials on the field that is actually a  violation of an NFL rule, the NFL front office or somebody should have the ability to call a timeout and get it reviewed.  The penalty after the Seahawks player crashed into the 49ers punter was not the correct call according to NFL rules, and the error changed the game.  I know, there are always wrong calls in games, the Seahawks won fair and square.  But the review system is still broken if the refs can violate an NFL rule with fans, teams and announcers all telling them they got it wrong, with no way to fix it. “We’re wrong, so what, start the play clock. Tweet!”

Anyway, Congrats again to our friends in Seattle, good luck in the Super Bowl.

Now f*ck off.  hehe   🙂

Rant:  end

Thanks for reading –




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