Groovy Film Note – Margarine Wars Music

Music Team 7’s first-ever film, Margarine Wars, will be released soon.

Margarine Wars represents my first opportunity to produce the music for a motion picture. It was an amazing creative experience.  I can not thank producer David Rich enough for taking a chance on me and Music Team 7, standing his ground even when he got the “who the hell does Lee think he is” speech. Margarine Wars was an awesome creative project for all of us. We had to build an alternate 1960s music universe without licensing the hits from that time period, the expense of which was beyond the budget of the film.  To solve this music design problem, we didn’t go outside of the box. We set the fucking box on fire and kicked it over.

Bada boom bada bing, we built the Margarine Wars soundtrack around the music of the The Latch Key Kid, a world class songwriter whose music somehow someway accidentally fit perfectly into the world of Margarine Wars, brought it to life.  Coupled with James Peterson’s  amazing scoring, Sir Groovy’s music library, and the chaotic New York City music supervisor run amok Gui Campellon … we captured a lightening in a bottle, and ended up with a soundtrack we are proud to send out into the world to be enjoyed.

To everybody who worked on any aspect of Margarine Wars – Congratulations and thank you for the journey.  We have a groovy movie



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