Monday Notes 7

The last seven days or so constituted one of those weeks where you need a seatbelt on, and your tray table better be in the upright position or you’re going to end up with iced tea and a soggy ham sandwich all over you and the people on either side. It was art imitating life imitating art imitating art imitating life imitating art, a week that had all of the elements of a good television miniseries, if there is such a thing – chaos, fun, sad, happy, scary, stupid, fame, incredible, awe-inspiring, failure, success…  I know half of those fucking words aren’t even in the correct tense for this story, but that’s as good as it gets on a Monday morning with a ton of work yet to get done today.

Most significantly, in the middle of the week, I had a relative end up in the hospital. This was followed by a period of time where the previous sentence constituted all of the information that we had about the situation. It was scary. And then once we had more information, it got even scarier, then less so. As I write this, my relative is doing better, thank God. My family is not so much into drama on the internet or my evil blog, so this is where this part of the story ends, but thank you x 7 to everyone who was there for my family last week.

Also, thank you to Netflix and the BBC producers of the show, An Idiot Abroad. I started watching this stupid show under the impression that I was about to watch a bad Borat ripoff … ended up watching every episode of maybe the best travel show I’ve ever seen. The best part, Karl is not an idiot at all, he’s actually very wise. The only bad part of the show is the first 1:00 of every show, somebody please write these guys a better intro for season 3.  But all in all, An Idiot Abroad, the host, and the concept is genius, made me laugh out loud during a few difficult days.

In the “life is precious” category, after an intense phone call and a personal meeting on Friday in Beverly Hills, I joined a team representing a famous international human rights spokesperson, for lack of a better job description. My decision to represent this person goes far beyond your typical entertainment law matters, and frankly, there might be some turbulence along the way. At the end of the day, this is someone who persevered through adversity and unjust cruelty and I am honored to be one of the lawyers. If we have to deal with some chaos along the way, grab a helmet and let’s go.

I got most of my work done last week, but screenwriting feel by the wayside on Wednesday.  Tonight, back to it.

Have a nice day, everyone. Try not to poke anyone in the eye.



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