Angus T. Jones is an Idiot – Revisited

Once upon a time, actor Angus T. Jones gave an interview where he bashed the television show, Two and a Half Men — while he was still working on the show.  Angus implored the fans not to watch the show anymore, called it “filth.”

Subsequently, in November 2012, I wrote a small annoying piece about those comments entitled Angus T. Jones is an Idiot. As the story goes, Angus T. Jones is an Idiot became pseudo ridiculously quasi-legendary in some kooky corner of the television business somehow someway, went viral, and became the most widely-read anything I have ever written.  You can read that piece of literary history here.

Faaaaaaast forward to now, Angus T. Jones just gave an interview to with Houston television station KHOU, in which he discusses his deep religious beliefs and the fact that he left acting for God. He refers to his time on Two and a Half Men as a working as a “paid hypocrite.”

With me so far? Good. Here’s where I update my opinion on the not-so-relevant but still compelling issue. For what it’s worth —

When Angus T. Jones made statements that disrespected his show and IMO, endangered his colleagues livelihoods on Two and a Half Men, he was being an  I-D-I-U-T. Idiut. Typo on purpose, because that’s how stupit that nonsense all was.

However, truth be told, the number of times I’ve been stupid about something, especially as a kid, would fill an encyclopedia. Ditto for everybody else reading this. We’re not perfect.

Now that Angus is off the show and his comments are not directly threatening people’s jobs, for the record, I want to say that I respect Angus for following his religious beliefs, and wish him nothing but the best.  It is awesome that he found something that gives him peace and happiness, and even more so that Angus had the courage to take his own path.

The issue I had was not with his journey, which is great – the issue was with taking that journey at the expense of hard-working colleagues, which is not so great. It was stupid. Which we all are some times.

Angus, wherever you are – good luck. Peace.

Lee Rudnicki


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