Random Entertainment Biz Comments

1. Domo Arigato. As of tonight, we have a great Japanese translation of the new Goodbye Blue Sky script. One rule of international film I learned this year – script translations are not a luxury, they are a necessity, for all aspects of production, not just cast. Rumiko is a rock star!

2. Knowledge is Power. I’ve taught an entertainment law program since 2009 or so, which has evolved into an immersive 12-week program of drafting and negotiating film, music and television contracts. To date, this program has only been formally offered to law students, who take the program for credit. On an experimental basis, I had two attorneys in the program, who had little or no prior entertainment law experience. This initial test went well. So, starting this summer, limited spots in the program will be open to producers and/or attorneys who want to learn transactional law, especially as it relates to film. More info soon.

3. The Rodman Principle. The headlines concerning any international incident become 375% funnier by inserting Dennis Rodman into the middle of the story.

4. The UK Office.

Due to my propensity to avoid all commercial television that does not involve the NFL, I tend to discover sitcoms or dramatic miniseries late in the game. Very late in the game. So late, in fact, the Cleveland Browns are probably gonna ten-pete the Super Bowl before I get around to watching the first episode of Lost.

So, once upon a time last month, exactly one decade later than the rest of the Free World, I sat down, fired up the #Netflix, and watched the original BBC version of The Office. Now, after the show has won a bazillion awards ten years ago, put Scranton, PA, on the map, and has been remade in every empire in the world outside of Papua New Guinea, North Korea, and Kardashia, it’s not like my opinion matters now.

TV TRIVIA – Long before reality television, the “Kardashians” were an alien race in one of the episodes of the original Star Trek. True story, look it up.  

As the story goes, I started watching the first six or six episodes of the UK Office and became annoyed. I didn’t get what was going on, I kept waiting for the moment when I would see how genius the show really is. Was. Errr. Whatever. I ended episode five thinking Ricky Gervais was quite possibly there most well paid idiot since The Idiot Abroad. Or something like that.

Anyway — then a curious thing happened. Somehow, someway, the UK Office draws you into the world. Once I began to understand the future and the characters, I became less annoyed and began to look forward to every episode. Watching the series became a journey, and slowly but surely, I began to realize that the UK version of The Office is, in fact, genius. Lights out television, in fact.

The only non-genius part of the show is that I didn’t realize there were only two seasons of the UK version. I figured that out when season #2 ended with emotional impact that one rarely sees in motion pictures, let alone a wacky UK sitcom. I thought there was no way they could follow up that ending — and I was right.

5. Smart Ass UK Comment.  Need a new chaotic reality television show? Buy Richard Quest a flight simulator and get out of the way.

6. My Quote of the Week.This legal memo … looks like an excerpt from an email written by a high school kid trying to get a job at the food court…”

7. RIP Mickey Rooney, a true legend of Hollywood.




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