Favorite Animation

I was recently asked by a film industry colleague – what is your favorite animation?

My answer had two parts.

Part #1 was met with stunned silence, then laughter, then incredulity when I stuck with my answer.

Here’s the deal. Yes, there are many examples of incredible animation throughout history, and many people from many countries are geniuses at this art. Film students are still going to be watching Avatar in 100 years as an example of a day when a movie changed the game for everybody – the opening credits used more technology and scientists than it took to get to the Moon. The film was genius, and I can give you a list of other animations in that category as well. The list from Japan would fill a page by itself.

But the question was, “favorite.” It wasn’t “best.”  And I’m not even sure what “best” means for art.

So …

Part #1   –

Bob’s Burgers is my favorite animation of all-time. (insert stunned silence here). Yes, that may be a kooky response, but that is my story, and I’m sticking to it. In fact, if I ever randomly get asked that question at a film festival, that’s still my answer. If that makes me sound unsophisticated or nerdy, I’m cool with it.

The fact is, the character with the bunny ears can make me laugh at the end of even the longest day, and the writers and animators manage to create much humor, chaos and drama in the world of Bob’s Burgers at the expense of no one. They are great at their craft, and they earned my #1 spot.

Probably no one will be watching Bob’s Burgers in 100 years, but that’s okay. You and I will not be watching anything in 100 years.

Part #2

Part #2 of my response is not silly, it’s a great animated film that few people have seen. The short film Sebastian, directed by Vlad Marsavin. If you get a chance, check Sebastian out, it’s the most unique animated film by anybody not named Disney, Dreamworks or James in a long time.



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