Goodbye Blue Sky Screenplay – Pizza Read Through (update)

I’m hyping … Next week, we’re going to hear Goodbye Blue Sky come to life for the first time, at the so-called “Pizza Read Through.”    We’re in the final stages of assembling eleven actors and producers, and a narrator, and the plan is to read through the entire screenplay top to bottom. This is not an audition — it’s a creative writing session, and maybe 50% pizza party.

2592-1944-9683.jpgAt this stage of the game, it’s not about changing the story line or getting input on the overall concept of Goodbye Blue Sky. Frankly, we’re 50 light years past that stage – we’re extremely happy with it, that part of the design process is over, it’s not changing for anybody.

Right now, however, the name of the game is character refinement. My role at the read through is going to be to follow along and take notes, focusing on each character, especially the minor characters. We did this process at UCLA with My Immortal over the course of a few months, and it was invaluable. Writing dialogue on a page is much different that hearing it read by live actors. So, after the chaotic pizza read through, I’m sure there will be a little character and dialogue refinement to be had in the world of Goodbye Blue Sky.

There are two scenes that we’re going to read a few times, with different voices and approaches for Flower (our alien rock star) — the “creepy scene” — a “Creepy Store Owner” tries to have his way with Flower in his store and ends up dead, dead, dead … and the “telepathy scene” …. where Flower and her bass player have a telepathic conversation. This is not an audition process, it is about finding the voice for Flower, who might be one of the most strangest protagonists seen in a screenplay in a very long time, maybe since the film Good Burger.  hehehe.  (I love that stupid movie, BTW)


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