Law School 80

Many if not most law students find an academic security blanket around exam time. Everyone seems to have their lucky shirt, socks, food or ritual for test day. Mysteriously enough, first-year law students often change their hair color around November, just before the first round of exams. I saw one guy became a celebrity of sorts when he went with blue.

I wore a #80 San Francisco 49ers jersey to every law school exam, including those I took in Europe — which was comical, because the Czech and Irish professors had no idea. Truth be told, I also wore the jersey to USF graduation and every day of the Bar Exam. I chose the #80 jersey as a hype, to make the law school exam process a game of sorts, not the terror filled stressful experience it can be, if you are not careful.

I was also paying tribute to the Jerry Rice-like work ethic I had to adopt on Day 1 of law school just to to survive the experience. You see, overnight, I went from teaching a top-12 drum corps at the DCI World Championships in New York …  to sitting in torts class in San Francisco, stunned silly, at level zero. Actually, I was seven [bleep] steps below level zero, because I didn’t know what a plaintiff was, nor did I own a computer, now did I know how to operate a computer or word processing program. Failure and doom were imminent. I signed up to play in the career Super Bowl, but I didn’t even know what sport they were playing.

So … that’s how the “game” began, back in 1995 at the University of San Francisco. There is a semi-magical ending to this tale, which I’ll tell on another day. But for now –

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend, and …

Go 49ers!


USF Mission Accomplished



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