Red Skies at Night – Casting Note (The Director)

Red Skies at Night is a reality television show set inside of a movie, and one of the characters on the set is the “Director” of the reality television show. He has no name, he’s just The Director. The Director started out as a minor role, but when we received the audition tapes, the character jumped off the screen. We had 4-5 brilliant actors who nailed the part perfectly (but differently in each case) and inspired us to bring the character to life even more.

One of these actors had such an amazing, intense and frankly, borderline berserk audition, we just applauded when he was done. There was nothing to say. This actor owned the role, he was dynamite. So we offered him the role, and he accepted.

We’ll have cast announcements in the coming days, but please know that we got The Director, our #1 draft pick for the role.  If we can capture a performance on film that is anything even remotely as good as his audition, this is going to be out-of-control.



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