7 Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

1.  One huge thing I learned in December about directing a movie? It takes a lot more brain power and time than I thought it would, and it was almost impossible to juggle the demands of being an entertainment lawyer, raising money for a movie as a producer, and shooting a movie as a writer-director, all at once. Luckily, this sleep-deprived experiment occurred in December, when entertainment law goes into a seasonal lull, or I might not have survived the experience. Lesson learned – I’ve already started putting together a better plan and legal reinforcements for the five weeks when we shoot the feature.

2. Speaking of career, I’ve recently gotten a couple of inquires about writing scripts for hire. Writer? I’m not sure this is going to work, because I have to play the movie game smart, not hard, right now. I love to write, but any given project has to be a great fit, and I’ve got to make it work time-wise. FYI, I have no plans or aspirations to ever be a full-time writer – I would go pro on Madden Football first perhaps. 🙂

3. Red Skies at Night teaser coming soon. I know people are anxious to see it, especially in Japan where the press release went viral x 77, but no one is more anxious than I. I have 100 meetings and a business plan on hold until this footage is ready to unveil. It’s like waiting for Christmas when you’re a little kid. Stay tuned!

4.  Another learning experience on the movie – adding drum corps elements in a live context takes a lot more time than I envisioned to do it right.  We got the Blue Devils dancers in Red Skies, mission accomplished.  But due to a location move and resulting schedule chaos, I failed to get the BD drummers in the movie (we’ll record them though). But, lessons learned, and we’ll have more time and resources to do live percussion right in the feature.

5.  My law firm is having a very strong start to the year in music and film. I’m always going to be a lawyer, but as I said above, I’m got to hire reinforcements before I go on set again as a director, as sleep is a good thing, and I can not suddenly have huge delays in client response time.

6.  NFL this year? I was a little detached from football, the NFL season was not so interesting, for whatever reason. Madden football still rocks, especially on PS4, and in that world, the 49ers do make the playoffs.  Usually.  lol

7.  Seven.



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