How to Break Every Rule of Making a Short Film

We’re still adding names to IMDB, waiting for other names that have been submitted to appear, but at last count, Red Skies at Night has 39 people and one dog (accidentally) on the cast.

For the record, using a cast (including extras) this large on a short is generally considered to be a very, very bad idea, if not stupid and/or ridiculous. Ditto for using child actors, foreign celebrities, dogs (accidentally), multiple locations, and every other rule of first-time directing and common-sense filmmaking that we broke on Red Skies at Night.

But somehow, someway, the sky turned red exactly when it was supposed to, and the shoot miraculously worked out, multiple locations and all. The cast was dynamite and I survived my first extended shoot as director, which was a brutal, tough, magical and amazing learning experience, all at once. I got lucky, in a sense, in no small part due to the fact that I was surrounded on set by experienced filmmaking Jedis on the crew, many of whom have big Hollywood movies on their resume, and all of them were giving me 150% effort. When I dropped the ball, they picked it up and handed it back to me. Go Team.

Red Skies at Night is in post production, closing on the first rough cut of the complete movie.  There is much to do, but we’re proud of what we have so far.

Check out the Red Skies Sneak Preview here.

1939693_637109209745099_3076195591858259573_n copy


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