BREAKING – Your chance to PLAY on the San Francisco 49ers


2015 San Francisco 49ers Press Release, First Draft

DECEMBER 14, SANTA CLARA, CA.  This year, it’s all about YOU on the 49ers, the fans! And we’re not just talking the talk, we’re walking the walk.

We already proved the point — on Sunday, no less than eight players on offense in the Browns game were comprised of last week’s Bay Area 49ers super-fan contest winners, suited up in disguise!

So, you don’t have to settle for being the 12th man like they do in Seattle. In Santa Clara, you can take the field as the ELEVENTH MAN.

Have you ever wanted to recreate Dwight Clark’s “The Catch” in an end zone 60 miles from where it actually happened, with giant antagonized men chasing you?  Have you ever wanted to actually hear what they say into a NFL QBs helmet right before a snap? Ever felt like kicking an extra point?  Ever wanted to hear bells ringing like the Vatican at the end of a short gain?

Now you can.  Because when the 49ers say we can not play the game without YOU, we mean it — because we ran out of players in week four.

But it’s not our fault. I mean, who outside of Pittsburgh would have had the foresight to carry thirty-two running backs on a preseason roster? And the quarterback thing?  We don’t actually know what happened, he never took off his headphones to tell us. Rumor has it he sent a resume to Michigan.

So anyway — put on some cleats, visit the 49ers website, and enter our contest soon, and enter often, for your chance to play on the 2015 San Francisco 49ers!


Disclaimer – humor from a frustrated fan


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