Red Skies at Night – the Final Cuts


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I’m putting my final touches on the edit of Red Skies at Night this week, which will be followed by a team review. Then I’m handing Red Skies to a Hollywood rock star for a few days to fine tune. The story is done, the scenes are not changing. But I need someone to ensure that all levels, transitions are technically correct blah blah blah, and most importantly – I haven’t made any big mistakes. As a Director, I’m just smart enough to know what I don’t know, perhaps, and this is my first venture.

But it’s all good.  Yeah, getting Red Skies from photography to final edit took 500 years too long. And yes, some steps were re-started ten times before we got it right. And I never thought I would have to go to school for editing to get the film edited. But at the end of the day, every step got done right so far, and I’m proud of the film. Look, it’s not for everyone, it’s strange, and a ‘bizarre science fiction fairy tale.’

But that is intentional.

You see, I didn’t set out to make short film 101, because I don’t want to do this again. I would rather try to make something unique and fail big (which may happen), than make something ‘nice’ that will not rise above the din of a million other films, no matter how the execution. I expect and hope my next film will be a feature, another seven levels more bizarre and surreal. If the powers that be hate the creative direction of Red Skies, don’t give me the opportunity to make a feature, because this creative direction and vision isn’t going away. It’s accelerating.

After I hand off the movie for the final polish, we’ll move into music, sound design, color and visual FX, not necessarily in that order, pretty much all at once, actually. I also have some administrative tasks to (finally) get to, like sending out some the world’s most-delayed but awesome when they finally get there Indiegogo perks, to those kind souls who got behind the project when I needed you (thank you x 7).

Now, the final phase of the game for Red Skies and Flower, post-production.  Producer-wise, this last phase before submission to festivals and release will not be a easy, and it’s not for the faint of heart. It will take hard work, money, creativity, coordination between several countries, and at least fix or six extremely chaotic incidents where it appears that the end of the movie, if not the Earth, is imminent … and then suddenly, out of a collective nervous breakdown, everything will either be perfectly fine and ducky at the last possible moment somehow miraculously what the fuck just happened … or everything really will fall apart for some mysterious reason what the fuck just happened. Either way, you keep going. Aka ‘filmmaking,’ for short.

And at the end of the day, maybe everyone will hate my short film. But truth be told, I’m 200 light years away from caring.

I don’t mean that in a uber elitist-prick way. You see, becoming a director and writing-producing a movie from square one is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, times a hundred – it made law school and the bar exam look like a cake walk. The journey has been far too long, and far too difficult, for it to be about awards, fame or other bullshit like that now. I climbed Everest and got kicked down ten times, just to bring this movie to life. I truly hope people enjoy Red Skies and get the message – but if not, not.

Music team 7 is ready to go. I haven’t selected the foley and sound design cats yet, but I did find a special effects Jedi in Warsaw, who I hope will help us take this film to the next level. Color correction, I have no idea yet.Soon, I’ll assemble these final elements, but first, I have to finish the final edit, or it’s all one big dramatic waste of time leading up to a debacle.  heh.

Thanks for reading.  Happy Monday.



p.s.  Need inspiration on this Monday –  Check out Tale of a Drum Line



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