The Ave Maria Magic – Red Skies at Night

As of today, the Ave Maria scene in Red Skies at Night has made eight people cry. I was going to say something when we hit seven, but we just had two openly weep for the price of one, a legend was thus born, virtual popcorn thrown. ‘It’s magical,’ we keep hearing. And sniffles.

This is one of the top, if not the top, creative achievements of my life, hopefully many if the people who worked on the film think that as well.   But truth be told, the Ave Maria scene is not powerful because of directing, writing or acting …. it’s all about genius, timeless meaningful music –  The rest of the movie is mission critical, right- it is a movie, there is no Ave Maria scene without the scene. But everything and everyone is accompanying the Ave Maria music in that scene, music rules the Flower world.

I  literally reversed the creative process.  Ave never was just a music placement – I had Ave Maria mapped out before even one of line of dialogue was written. That’s why it works, maybe, I think that why some people are losing their minds during the scene.

Whatever the reason — we have a powerful scene at the end of Red Skies at Night, James Peterson and the rest of the music team came through, big time. I’ll introduce the entire music team 7 in the coming days here on Seven Thoughts – stay tuned!




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