Smart phones are really not that great.

My colleague is baffled that I just went through an entire weekend without looking at my phone. He was baffled x 7 when I explained that is often the case, unless I have a production or work matter underway.

When I am working on a contract, or screenwriting, or when I have friends or family time – my iphone goes to sleep. That’s just the way it is. And when I have a call, I don’t check email or do anything else. You see, I am not a big of multi-tasking – not as a lawyer, not as a producer. And not as a person. I enjoy the convenience of smart phones, but I think the 24-7 access they inherently grant to the rest of the world is not a good thing, and what smartphones do to people’s attention spans, is ugly.

I am surprised more people do not want the ability to hold a meeting, or watch a movie, without the threat of any given moment being interrupted. I email a lot, and participate in scheduled client and production phone calls and Skype all the time. But less than ten people have my personal cell number, and I haven’t bought an app in two years or so. That’s how much I love being on the phone when it’s not game time.

Yes, my friends, I am one of the lone holdouts in the 1929 cinema, watching the last screening of the very last silent movie, holding onto the moment until it disappears forever…



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