Legends & Lies – Bill O’Reilly did this? Really?


I watch Fox News once in a while, but only when they are running news stories, not engaging in political assaults on the current flavor of the left. Accordingly, to date, the grand total of all of my viewing minutes spent watching Bill O’Reilly rant and rave about politics on television, is under 30-minutes, inclusive of commercials. True story.

Please understand, I’m not Democrat, nor Republican. Just a proud American who sees both good and bad with the red and blue agenda and politicians, depending on the issue and the candidate. And I have zero time for the hate that accompanies the political process at times.

So anyway, there I was channel surfing, and I came across a historical documentary, Legends & Lies: Into the West. The episode I watched was about General Custer, who is famous and celebrated for a battle that ended with none of his men still having hair.

I enjoy historical documentaries, I watch them a lot. And truth be told, there are great historical documentaries, and there are crap, self-absorbed historical documentaries, that are not worth 5-minutes of your time.

With clicker in hand, I could not stop watching Legends & Lies: Into the West. I have to say with all sincerity – the one episode I watched, ranks among the best historical documentaries I’ve ever seen. It was interesting, and very well-produced.

Then came the random appearance of Bill O’Reilly.

Bill O’Reilly? What the fuck is Bill…

Executive Producer …?  

Bill O’Reilly? 

THAT Bill O’Reilly?  Really???

Wow. Who knew.

Well, Mr. Bill O’Reilly …

I don’t have the time or the interest to follow anybody’s political rants and raves, but you obviously have serious talent in your back pocket for producing historical television and/or filmmaking.

Bravo, well done.

Time for a career change?


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