My Immortal, Prequel?


CZ 3

I’m planning to direct another short film in December, then a feature in May. This being the movie business, these plans could all go to [bleep] at any given moment, but that’s the plan. After spending a few hours on the so-called Christmas project yesterday, it appears that the plan for December has transformed a bit.

The words that appeared on the pages, are still very much a Christmas story, set in present day Prague. However, as all writers know, sometimes a story or a character goes where it wants over the course of a literary journey. Yesterday, the supernatural showed up to the Christmas story, uninvited, and kicked the door down. It was as if a character escaped from My Immortal, and took refuge in the Christmas story.

‘What the hell are you doing here?’ asked the writer.

Eva turned, and flashed a wicked and mischievous smile …




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