My Immortal, The Vampires of Berlin


Over the course of last two weeks, I’ve seen a lot of friends who I haven’t seen for a long time. And over the course of those 14 days, the most  astonishing happened — people approached me, at different different times and places — to ask about My Immortal. One person told me he read the novel three times, it is his favorite book that he’s ever read, he asked me to “please make the movie.”

I was astonished, I didn’t know what to say, but this happened over and over and over. This is the first time anything like that has happened. Time after time, people who I have not seen in a long time, came up and immediately started talking about My Immortal. It was as if the universe was telling me that it’s time to make this movie.

I already came to the conclusion a few weeks ago, but this confirms it – it’s time to make My Immortal.

I’ve begun put together a production team to shoot a short vampire Christmas story in Prague in December, then the feature in the Spring.  The feature will be shot in Romania and Prague, but depends on how the team comes together. The movie business being what it is, nothing is guaranteed, but this is the plan now.





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