LR Entertainment Law Class – Required Books


I’m not sure how I got my schedule to work, but I did, especially once I figured out the UWLA semester ends before December, and I have a very capable colleague and a good plan in place to cover a class or two if I have to travel for a bit during the semester.

Voila, I’ve happily accepted an opportunity to teach another law school class, entertainment transactions.

A textbook that covers all of the material I will teach to these bright shiny happy lawyers-to-be does not exist, but I’ve selected three of the best entertainment law books on the planet to serve as the supplemental reading material, the three required ‘textbooks’ for my class. The rest of the material, contracts etc., which is a quite a bit – I will provide.

Accordingly, the three books I’ve selected to include in this semester’s festivities are:

  1. The Independent Film Producer’s Survival Guide By Gunnar Erickson Et. Al. (3rd Ed.)
  1. Clearance And Copyright – Michael C. Donaldson  (4th Ed.)
  1. Hollywood Dealmaking: Negotiating Talent Agreements For Film, TV And New Media (2nd Ed.)



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