LR Entertainment Law – Notes and Observations from Class #2


Hello everyone. A few thoughts –

1. Success. Thank you for a great class tonight. Class #2 is always one of my favorites. It’s amazing to watch the transformation, from looking at an entertainment contract with no context, probably feeling like you’re trying to read the Magna Carta upside down … then going through a contract with the system in place. One by one, a virtual lightbulb went off over everyone’s head – it was awesome to see.

2. SAG Outlines. A+ for effort, but way, way, way, way, way overdone.

TIP – Here is my entire outline for SAG Ultra Low Budget.

[SAG Ultra Low Budget Outline]


Use this template for all of the SAG agreements, should be fast. As long as you have read the SAG agreement once, this outline is all you need for quick reference in your entertainment law binder.

With this outlined material, if you were practicing law, you could get on the phone with a producer client tomorrow (literally), and discuss the basic parameters of the SAG Ultra Low. Any info not on this list, the line producer worries about and/or you can look up.

3. RED ALERT – Get the books! If you don’t get Hollywood Dealmaking asap, I have no idea how you complete this class. We’re moving fast.


Please come to class ready to go, and focused on entertainment law. I apologize if I did not make this clear, but barring an emergency, there is to be no texting, phone calls, video games, pokemon adventures, social media anything, in my class. Eating is OK, because we’re all on tight schedules, I don’t want you to be hungry.

But this class is about becoming a great lawyer.

The better lawyer you are, the more fun you will have, the more money you will make, the better your life and career will be. If you think being a world class attorney involves sitting in meetings and texting your pal while the CEO is talking about the film – your first lawyer job is going to crash hard. And we’re not going to let that happen.

So, in the interest of turning you into a great lawyer – which is my sole mission of this class, I reserve the right to ask anyone texting etc. to leave. I don’t want to do that, I have no plans to do that – but come to class, or do not, because we’re not sitting in traffic and then class for humor, this is career/life investment time. Focus x 150%. Cool?

5. Random – teaser, Red Skies at Night

6. Finally – here is a good start to the outline for actor agreements

[actor outline]


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