Today, seven random thoughts.


  1. Of all the magic in Rome, randomly coming across a 2,000 year old pyramid was the biggest surprise of all.
  2. Colin Kaepernick’s revolutionary tendencies while trying to play QB in the NFL would’ve been far more compelling, had he not led the 49ers worst offense since 1853. Former zombie in captivity Fidel Castro could have at least thrown one touchdown against the Bears.
  3. I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, nor do I hate him – but as a more or less impartial but loyal American observer, I have to say, Trump’s die hard opponents still don’t understand the game. Angrily beating down everyone who expresses respect for any facet of Trump’s agenda does not solve the issue, it only makes it worse. Intelligent and convincing discourse is needed to steer the USA in the right direction, not endless rage. In fact, the non-stop blind hate is getting old, and more importantly, it’s never going to work. Shouting people down instead of listening, coupled with the inability to avoid getting drawn into one angry name-calling battle after another, is probably why the election was lost in the first place. Deplorable, no?
  4. This weekend’s soccer match, Roma v. Lazio (both from Rome), was the most intense sporting event I’ve ever attended. Roma 2, Lazio 0. Forza Roma.
  5. First place WTF, Italy – the [bleep] thief on the Sisto Bridge who tried to steal my silver necklace last night, who I sent on his way with a backhanded punch. [bleep]
  6. Today, came the realization that a plane ticket to Prague from Roma is not expensive.  Uh-oh.
  7. Seven.