Wonderwell – the kids on the cast…

We have a number of children in key roles on Wonderwell, including a little girl who has never been in a movie before. I know that we had some of the finest casting minds in Hollywood and London assist our director in the search for our cast, but I also know that finding a child actor for a movie is one of the most difficult things in the business, for any director or casting director. Not to mention having to find several talented child actors for a movie, as our team had to do.

For me, seeing the talent level of these kids in Wonderwell is awe-inspiring.

Not just from the standpoint of their acting ability, or their perseverance and dedication to get up each and every day and give 150% through such a long shoot in a foreign country … but also the ability of our casting team and director to make such key cast selections, and to have those decisions be right, across the board. Bravo.