Checking out of US politics

I’m a proud American who loves his country, but I’ve officially come to the conclusion that there is so much hate involved in US politics right now, that it is pointless to try to publicly discuss any political issue, or to participate meaningfully in any way.

You simply can’t write or talk about anything related to Trump or Clinton without people going on the attack, even your friends … as if it’s more important to kill the other side off, than to work out what is best for the United States. I’m tired of the unrelenting hate, from both sides.

From here out on, I don’t care who is President, I’m not voting for anybody, I’m not going to try to speak rationally to anyone on the red or blue team about their political positions on anything. I’m going to make movies, promote international peace and non-violence, and be as happy and ‘unpolitical’ as humanly possible.

Good luck with the rest of your war.