Red Skies at Night 2.0

The new Red Skies at Night post-production team is working hard, and the results I saw on Sunday far exceeded my expectations. The re-edit started from frame 1, with Red Skies being editing on Avid this time, not Final Cut, with significant resources and time poured into the movie, including all new VFX and sound effects. The new editor is also a professional script doctor, I am amazed at how much the team was already able to improve the emotional impact of the film, especially in the relationship between Flower (the alien), and Dylan, the little girl.

We’re going to re-title the movie, and start the process over of introducing it to the world, but with publicity support this time. With an professional editing team and producer, the process is going a lot faster than the first go-around, we’ll have a finished movie sooner than I thought.

Considering how important this film is to my future as a director, I’m glad and lucky that I did not release version 1.0. I thought it was good, quite honestly, but not getting into festivals was reality check #1, and seeing the crazy-dramatic improvement from a professional editing team working on Avid was reality check #2. I have a lot to learn, but not releasing my debut film until it’s right turned out to be one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in this seemingly never-ending journey. Maybe not the fastest or cheapest way to make a short film, but it’s too important to mess up now.

In related news, we’re working on the script to the feature, Goodbye Blue Sky, which is now is now set in Rome and Venice, not San Francisco.  Full speed ahead.