Seven Thoughts, on my last Roman Thursday for awhile.

  1. Wonderwell completes principal photography tomorrow. What an amazing, amazing journey it has been. Item of note – along the way, I’ve been to nine (9) Roma soccer matches at Stadio Olympico, and I’ve never seen the team lose. Forza Roma! ⚽️🔥
  2. As I leave Italia, the second and “final” post-production of my directorial debut short film, Red Skies at Night, ramps up in Europe, under the guidance of an experienced producer and a professional post-production company that has put their heart and soul into my film. Can’t wait! 🚨
  3. Speaking of leaving, I hope the United States is not so angry, hateful, and full of doom and gloom as it appears from the outside. “Is anyone in the US happy about anything?” is a question I was asked recently. I don’t know the answer to that, but Facebook sure makes it seem like the only American emotions right now are hate and anger, from all sides. I find myself wondering how anybody can go for 30 days straight without posting anything that is not hateful on social media. I miss my family and friends, but I’m not taking part in the hate festival when I get back, life is too short. 🌞
  4. My entire NFL viewing this season has been one Steelers game in November. I’ll be in a plane during the Super Bowl, missing my first SB since 1986. And I’m strangely indifferent. For which I blame soccer.  😎
  5. Besides Wonderwell post-production, I have a lot to do when I get back to LA. One thing is to get some great photos taken, sign up for acting classes, and try my hand at the craft of acting. Please understand, I have no burning desire to drop everything to be an actor, at all, and I may suck at it. But simply put, I think having a better understanding of life in front of the camera is essential to my future as a director, and will make me a better producer. And it seems fun!  Rock-n-Roll. 🎬😀
  6. Let’s not antagonize Australia.  They’re cool cats.  ✌️
  7. Seven