Back in LA-LA Land


We’re all back in LA, Wonderwell is officially in post-production.


I got hit hard last week by jet-lag, had no idea what time or day it was at any given moment, and also suffered the astonishing revelation on Friday, I think it was, that I don’t live in Italy. Which is not as astonishing as how I got to Italy, on 24-hours notice last August. But I was, and am, nonetheless surprised to be back in La-La Land after these many months.

Culture shock 101.

Observation 1 – It’s nice to be back in LA. Lots to do.

Observation 2 – Every day in Rome, I got to work with a world-class producer team on Wonderwell. We’re all still working on the film in post, but not side by side, every day. We had a crazy amount of talent, living in a magical city, with some unforgettable, intense and fun times…. Thank you, my friends.

Observation 3 – US cable news is dead, lost in a never-ending Trump red alert. There is currently nothing going on in that world that is not blamed on, or attributed to, Donald Trump, and no channel is capable of covering other stories in a meaningful way right now.  Art imitating life imitating life imitating art imitating The Apprentice.

Observation 4 – The journey of Red Skies at Night was longer than I expected, longest short film post production in the history of cinema maybe – but it turned out how it was meant to be. In Rome, I saw what the movie looks like after a professional film studio works on it for a few weeks, and it’s almost done. I never thought we would end up with a US/Italian/Japanese movie, but that’s what happened. And we changed the title, because it’s a new movie.

Observation 5 – The transformation of Red Skies has brought the feature project back to life. Goodbye Blue Sky is now set in Italy, officially back in development.

Observation 6 – I missed the Super Bowl, I was on a plane – but I was happy to hear that it was so exciting, described as the best Super Bowl ever. Regardless of who won or lost, I think we Americans can use more good news and happy events.

Observation 7 – Seven