Movieland, time concepts, and random smart ass notes.



I’ve been back in La-La Land a little over a month, finally crossed the bridge out of post-Europe jet lag … a journey that was capped humorously by the appearance of Daylight Savings Time … which is a silly concept, in and of itself.  If we’re going to confuse everybody with time concepts, let’s go all in, and change the names of Monday and Tuesday to “Friday.” So, our work week will go, Friday, Friday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then Friday.  And then maybe we do Saturday twice.

Ahhhhhh, but I digress. 🙂

Speaking of time, I’m spending an hour a day to learn to speak Italian now, for several reasons, one being that I am annoyed that I have never gotten fluent at another language. That ends here with Italian. [pause]

OK< yeah, it may take me 72 years to get fluent. But my lack of fluency ends here. hehe

In movieland, good developments, in both my work as a producer and as legal counsel. Truth be told, it’s hard work and long hours, especially tough in a jet lag transition, but things are moving. Wonderwell started post, my sci-fi short, Red Skies at Night, has a new producer in Europe and is a few weeks from transformation into a US/Japanese/Italian movie … a new feature (animation) got greenlit yesterday. Insert law and production matters, capped off with Goodbye Blue Sky, which has risen from the dead by itself. Goodbye Blue Sky is set in Italy now, will include Japanese cast … everything is moving faster than at any point ever. A speed that seems really faaaaaaaaaaast, because I thought the project was dead until the short accidentally got discovered in Europe. Crazy.