Red Skies at Night. Transformation almost complete.

The work continues this week in Los Angeles and Italy on the short film formerly known as Red Skies at Night. In Rome, the team is focused on VFX, color and sound. In LA, it’s all about music redesign necessitated by the Italian edit.

One of the lessons I learned in this journey, is that when I’m in the role of a film “Director”- do not over-micromanage the creative process. Hire the best composer, editor or colorist etc who can do the work, guide the process as director, give clear directions and expectations – but when things roll, let creators create, stay out of the way.

Twenty years ago or so, Blue Devils Director Dave Gibbs explained this executive management style to me, in an interview, in the context of a discussion about what made him so effective as a director. I should have taken better notes. lol.

Anyway – I’ve refined my post production creative process, especially in terms of music – giving better, more direction at the outset, and then  letting the composers compose. When the composers are happy – then we’ll have a team review, and make sure everything is cool beans.

In any case, teams in both countries are hyping on the movie, and we’re almost done. It’s not the same film, at all, so it no longer has the same title. It has seemingly taken 500 years to get here, but the dust settles on what has become a most unique American/Japanese/Italian science fiction movie …

The new title, is simply …