Fleur movie – the final touches…


I’m going back to Italy soon to put the final touches on Fleur.

It’s a hype to finally see the movie come to life, albeit hard to believe. A journey that started nearly three years ago as a small forlorn Indiegogo project is coming to a conclusion in Rome as a three-country co-production, maybe the first US-Italian-Japanese science fiction movie ever.

Who would have thought? Not me. If someone would have told me three years ago the crazy kooky three-country journey this little movie was going to take, I would have laughed out loud and bought you a stiff drink or 10.

When our hard drive got stolen in Chicago, I knew we were in for a fucking roller coaster ride. I just didn’t think it was going to be a quadruple-triple upside double upside loop that ends in another country.

Next on the menu, Roma … one week finishing Fleur, the short film — then a week planning and preparing for the feature, Goodbye Blue Sky, which is now set in Venice and Rome. Complete with a Serie A soccer intermission, AS Roma vs. Genoa. Voila … Home Sweet Rome.