A Rant about Kathy Griffin and the Bloody Decapitated Trump Head Photo.


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Kathy Griffin is a brilliant comedian, a super talented and funny woman. I love watching her perform.

But the photograph, where she is holding up what is supposed to be the severed head of Donald Trump?  That crossed the line, IMO, and it’s shameful.

Look, cats – I’m no super-defender of Trump, he drives me nuts half the time.  But imagine what the reaction would be if that photo featured Obama’s severed head. Would that be funny? No, it would not. It would be awful.

Just because Trump can be a loud, arrogant, windbag does not mean he should be treated differently. Point of fact, there is NOTHING funny about depictions of violence against a US President, no matter who it is. Violence has no place here, because Trump won an election which has not yet been declared invalid by the US Supreme Court. He is our President, even if you hate him.

Don’t get me wrong – Protesting, even rude protesting full of fucking expletives, is a hallmark of America, it helps our democracy function, I’m good with all of it. Protest Trump all day and all night, no problem here. Impeach him if you can get that far.

But a decapitation photo is not protest, it is awful, and it might even be illegal, if it is seen as inciting violence against a head of state.

The fact that a cool talented celebrity made the photo does not make the situation better, it makes it scarier. Does the Secret Service really need to be dealing with crazy lunatics inspired by that photo?

No, they do not…

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