Acting Class LA – The CIA Monologue


After Wonderwell finished shooting in February, I left Roma for the confines of LA-LA land, and resumed practicing entertainment law. But instead of putting a law professor hat back on again, I started taking acting classes at UCLA.

The first reason, to improve as a filmmaker. But more importantly, to do something outside of my comfort zone that is fun. F-U-N. Fun. I have enough ‘Hollywood succeed at all costs’ missions going on in my career/life at any one time, acting will not join that club.

So anyway last night, I walked to Westwood to collect my thoughts and perform ‘the CIA monologue’ in front of a room full of talented actors. The monologue is a piece I wrote about a CIA assassin who gets robbed and almost killed on the way to a mission assignment in Prague, only to discover that the excitement of getting shot for the first time … was the first time in his life he ever really truly felt alive. It was awesome! So he quits the CIA to find something more exciting, setting off a chain reaction of chaotic events.

The monologue is fictional, but wrapped around a true story of February 15, 1995, when I was running across a highway in Santa Clara while being shot at repeatedly by a crazy carjacker, only to emerge without a scratch somehow, someway. The Miracle on pavement 95.  Anyway …

I performed the CIA monologue last night.

Truth be told, I had a few nice moments, but all in all, I did not have the energy and magic of my first performance. I gave what I believe to be a true crap acting performance. And luckily, it was far too long, overtime by 500 years or so.

So … this weekend, I will I go back to the drawing board to rewrite the piece, and prepare to perform it one more time next week, better, faster, stronger blah blah blah.

The journey continues…