Fleur Report, Roma – color correction

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We spent all day in the studio finishing the color correction, and I saw Fleur on a big screen for the first time, which was awe-inspiring. There was much to do, but at the end, I was astonished at what a professional team using Da Vinci gear can do. On Wednesday, we will double check the color, and finalize. Friday, all day – final sound mix.

Truth be told, the only aspect of the shoot that the world’s best color correction technology could not fix 150%, is the fact that we ran out of daylight while shooting the wedding. Luckily, our main camera was an Alexa, which has incredible light capturing abilities, and it saved the scene. The Black Magic camera, not so much.

If you watch the polka dot wedding scene now, you will probably never know it was filmed in darkness. Truth be told, there is a touch of background graininess for a brief time.  Which is cool, I’ll proudly take that at this point of the game, I’m happy.

Other highlights today included meeting about the feature with one of the biggest movie costume houses in the world (500,000+ costumes ), which has outfitted many award winning films such as Marie Antoinette, Robin Hood, Grand Hotel Budapest etc.

The mission continues!   Forza Roma